King of Glory: Snow flame line, the end of the wishing bell activity, rose heart activity again

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Nezha’s Ice and Snow Festival has officially launched.It was the opening of the Winter Olympics, so the timing was good.So it fits.And for this new skin, have you already got it?Label aside, there are a lot of benefits to this skin.If you are a side player and a heavy user of Nezha, you can still consider buying it in the first week.Because of this skin’s big move, as well as the fire to ice and snow change, let this skin is very distinctive.However, if you already have Nezha’s KPL Skin Dream-Seeking Wings, or if you don’t pursue skin and have a King Crystal skin dimension breakthrough, then Nezha’s new skin is flying high, really can put it on hold.Since this is not a limited skin, many players are saying that this is a skin that will be added to the shard shop sooner or later.What’s more, it is very important that KPL’s dream-chasing skin series has only returned four skins at present. As the fourth dream-chasing skin series launched, it was interrupted to return by the fifth dream-chasing light of Tohuang Taiichi.Therefore, the next KPL skin return, the great probability, will be the turn of Nezha’s KPL skin dream wing.This skin is only epic quality, but it has a KPL label.If it’s hard to decide, it can wait.I’ve been in a lot of pits with unrestricted epic skins before, and eventually, the skins are slowly added to the shard shop.For example, Mulan’s crystal dragon hunter, Xiao Qiao’s colorful unicorn, the Prince of the White Starry Night and so on.So, later on, see the epic skin without qualification.They say to themselves, do you really like this skin? If not, wait.So since then, I’ve only bought one non-limited epic skin.That is The wonderful night of Zhong Kui’s paradise.Although I know this skin will definitely be added to shard stores later, as a heavy Zhongkui player, I still feel like buying early and enjoying early.So I chose to start without hesitation.The second wave of permanent skin drum collection during the Spring Festival has officially ended, and you can receive rewards.What skin did you get?Although the darjeko brush several epic and brave skin, but I already have, fortunately, can also get 5 indiana Jones tickets.There is Yang Yuhuan’s accompanying skin, although we have already started with the heart melody of the Year of the Tiger, but Yang Yuhuan is also full of skin, saving 28 skin fragments.Xiaoji signed back to the city, it seems to be recharge to get, through activities to get, has been very satisfied.It’s like I’ve been in the 60’s, and I haven’t been in the 2000’s in a long time.The “Heart of Roses” activity came again. In the two days before the New Year, two roses were created five times a day, and five roses were shared for the first time. A total of 25 roses were produced.This time, we can produce 10.That should be the limit of this campaign.We started out with 25, but it grew to 35, which is pretty good.But this time it’s just a look.Because with those 10 hearts of roses, I have exactly 145 hearts of roses, and I need 5 more exchanges to redeem my skin.I believe many players are the same, after all, my heart of roses activity has not fallen.There was a BUG in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, and it seemed that the number of players did not match.Hope to send a few random follow-up mailbox, save have to wait until fifty-five open black festival to exchange.There are only two days left before the end of the short Spring Festival holiday.It’s going to be another busy year back at work.King of Glory Spring Festival activities, seems to be about the same.The current event can continue until around the Lantern Festival.Of course, there will be a couple of skins for 214 after the official start of construction, because 214 is before the Lantern Festival.Before the revelation of yao magic girl skin response is very general, do not know how to break this time?Because the Spring Festival skin response is not so common, so many players are looking forward to yao’s new skin this time, if this time again disappointed, maybe there will be a chain reaction.