The mobile phone inventory at the beginning of 2022, I know the three mobile phones that pedestrians are not advised to buy, but some people still step on the pit

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Despite the rapid development of smart phones in recent years, not all of them are worth buying. There are always some models that are just smart machines for cutting leeks.Here are some of the worst models you should buy at the beginning of this year.The Samsung F52 does a great job in the high-end flagship segment, but it’s a bit of a struggle in the low-end segment.Take today’s Samsung F52 for example, in the domestic products at the same price is not enough to look at.Snapdragon 750G processor.It can only be said that Phecda 800U is slightly better than the snapdragon 870 and the snapdragon 778G with the same price, which is really not very competitive. Moreover, the LCD phone screen, with a price of nearly 2,000, is too replaceable, so it is not recommended to buy it.The second: Honor V40 light luxury version last year honor launched several mobile phones, most of them are not satisfactory, especially today to introduce this one, is quite pull the hip.The standard example of “high price low match” is a little hard to accept.The price of nearly three thousand, configuration respect is quite perfunctory.Even the blue factory and the green factory are not so obvious.Breguet 800U processor, rarely used in low-end mobile phones, with a 3000 yuan mobile phone is really a little hot eyes, Zhou Dongyu’s screen, the mobile phone pulling the hip, there is no bright spot.Without the glory of Kirin chips and Hongmeng systems, who would pay for such a configuration?If you’re not a fan of the ultimate small-screen device, if you don’t have a battery life requirement, and if you’re really on a budget, this is the phone to try.The advantages are obvious, small screen, high appearance level, high performance, but the disadvantages are also obvious. First of all, the battery life of 2227 mA, Apple’s original battery life is relatively poor, this year’s 13 series has been significantly improved to a certain extent.Such battery capacity, coupled with strong performance is worse.And at the price of 5,499, wouldn’t it smell good to buy 13?The above mentioned three mobile phones, in the xiaobian is not recommended to buy, we choose mobile phone must polish eyes, do not be deceived again, these several mobile phones at the same price of other products than too bad, can avoid avoid it.Generally speaking, those who really understand mobile phones will not recommend you to buy them.