Zhuo Wenjun was a talented woman in the Western Han Dynasty

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The Qin and Han dynasties issued many orders to move the nobles of the six Eastern states westward.Among them, Hebei zhuoshi moved west to Chengdu.This is the origin of Chengdu Zhuoshi.Zhuowangsun, a famous businessman of Chengdu Iron Smelting, was a famous businessman with 800 members in his family.When Liu Wu, the king of Liang, failed to become emperor and died of depression, Sima Xiangru had to return to Chengdu.But Sima Xiangru’s family was poor and could not continue.In Linqiong County Wang Ji help, Sima Xiangru a phoenix for the phoenix, fooled zhuo Wenjun.Zhuo Wenjun unexpectedly eloped with Sima Xiangru.The daughter of a rich merchant eloped to sell wine. Isn’t this a slap in the face to Zhuo Wang Sun?How does this make chengdu people look at Zhuo Wangsun?Wang Sun of Zhuo had no choice but to give 100 family members and one million yuan to Zhuo Wenjun. From then on, Zhuo Wenjun and his wife lived a good life.But the good times did not last long, Sima Xiangru by virtue of Zi Xu fu, Lin Fu liu Che trust, step by step.At this time Sima Xiangru is not that poor Sima Xiangru.Sima Xiangru began to love the new.Zhuo wenjun wrote several poems in succession, which shocked Sima Xiangru.From then on, Sima Xiuru gave up the idea of taking a concubine.Zhuo Wenjun is a talented woman who can write poems.Zhuo Wenjun’s white-headed recitation is a very famous poem.Would like to have one heart, not from each other.These two words alone, enough to move people.Later generations also often quote this saying.There are many ways to commemorate Zhuo Wenjun in later generations, such as Qintai Road, Wenjun’s hometown, novels, poems, films and TV plays.If you are interested in Zhuo Wenjun, you can visit The hometown of Wen Jun in Chengdu.