COD: War Zone will enable auto God mode for honest players in order to counter the openers

2022-05-13 0 By

Given that existing anti-cheating methods aren’t smart enough to prevent players from re-entering the game under a different disguise, some game developers are trying to come up with more innovative solutions, such as allowing honest players to automatically receive official buffs when facing various “gods”.This article is about Ricochet’s new damage shield for Call of Duty: Theater.As the name suggests, Damage Shield allows honest players to automatically avoid bullets fired by cheaters.Then approach the immortal with God mode on and kill the enemy.In a blog post announcing the feature, Activision said the feature would only be activated when the server detects someone tampering with game data in real time, not randomly and accidentally in the game to avoid confusion.The company has warned cheaters that their accounts will be blocked from the entire Call of Duty series, including future COD releases, if they are found to have breached the rules.In addition, any hardware device that attempts to hide, disguise, or confuse the identity of cheaters will be subject to joint sanctions by the platform.