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With the high heat of the Winter Olympics mascot, the mascot ice dun dun and snow rong rong hot network, “a pier is difficult to find” also triggered the enthusiasm of “the whole people two system ice dun dun”.In addition to orange carved ice dwen dwen, dough version of ice Dwen dwen, some coffee shops also sell “Ice Dwen Dwen” image of latte coffee…Do these homemade “wild ice blocks” constitute infringement?Not permitted homemade ice mound mound expression is no charge for packet transmission and tort as heat games mascot, Internet users are not satisfied with the expression of official release package, package with a ice mound mound as the prototype of homemade expression began to popular in network communication, have a plenty of beside the ice mound mound, combined with the text, some on the basis of the original other animation.Little do they know, although not used for commercial purposes, if the behavior without permission of the organizing committee, those embellished facial expressions in the transmission of the moment, has been in infringement.Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong’s cartoon characters are works of art and are protected by copyright law, the lawyer said.The boCOG has registered the copyright of bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, and the copyright owner (BoCOG) has the right to prohibit others from using the works without their permission, including the development, dissemination and sale of the derivative products of the works.At the same time, according to the provisions of China’s copyright law, those who distort or tamper with others’ works shall, according to the circumstances, bear civil liabilities such as stopping the infringement, eliminating the influence, making an apology and compensating for the loss.What are the illegal actions when using the Olympic symbols of ice and snow?What are the legal consequences of breaking the law?”According to China’s Regulations on the Protection of The Olympic Symbols, no one can use the Olympic symbols for commercial purposes without the permission of the owner of the Olympic symbols (i.e. the International Olympic Committee, the Chinese Olympic Committee and other organizations).Making or selling the Olympic symbols without permission, or selling commodities containing the Olympic symbols and using the Olympic symbols for the purpose of profit are all illegal acts. Depending on the circumstances, they may constitute civil infringement and may also be subject to administrative penalties or even suspected of crimes.The production and sale of bingdundun pirated peripheral products are unauthorized copying and using Olympic symbols and Olympic-related works.Violated the regulations on the protection of the Olympic logo in China, the “regulations on the administration of special signs”, “trademark law of the People’s Republic of China”, “patent law of the People’s Republic of China”, “the advertisement law of the People’s Republic of China” and “anti-unfair competition law of the People’s Republic of China”, if the online piracy peripheral products for sale, will also break the e-commerce law “of our country.Lawyers remind that in the use of Bing Dwen Dwen, Snow Rong Rong Olympic logo, “permission” and “profit” are the key words to measure whether infringement.If it is not for commercial purposes, but we do it ourselves, such as our own at home to do a bing Dun dun image of food for family use, is not illegal;It is not illegal to use it for personal appreciation, such as weaving the patterns of ice blocks on gloves, hats and other personal items for personal use only.In addition, newspapers, television and other media in the news, the image of the ice Dun dun reappearance, this situation is not illegal.Source: Popular Science China, Lhasa launched wechat public account