Columbus discovers “new China”?The Taiwan press made a big joke

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Taiwan’s famous Wheat Field Press has replaced the Chinese characters “mainland” with “China” in a book on the mainland, Taiwan media reported Wednesday.But in fact, many of the words “mainland” in the book refer to “continental plate,” resulting in ridiculous jokes such as “Columbus discovered a new ‘China'” and “South Asia sub-‘ China.”Cao Yu, the author of this book and a scholar in mainland China, was so angry that he criticized Taiwan publishing house for its lack of professional ethics and negligence in school work.Taiwan’s publisher issued an apology this morning, promising to remove the book from shelves and have it remade.Taiwan media “TVBS” published the book in Mainland China called “The History of Spicy Food in China,” which examines the 400-year history of chili in China by mainland scholar Cao Yu.The book was released in Taiwan in January under the title “Hot China,” and was published by Taiwan’s leading publishing house Wheat Field Press, according to Taiwan media reports.However, Cao Yu is not happy, the book published so far he has not received the sample, in a friend informed him that the book content because of Taiwan publishing house “superfluous action” and become unrecognizable, nonsense nonsense.Cao yu posted on Facebook on Monday night that all the characters for mainland in Hot China have been replaced with “China” by a single button.But in fact, the “continent” mentioned in the text basically means “continental plate”, such as “New Continent”, “Eurasia”, “South Asia subcontinent” and so on.As a result, the wheat Field Press changed. Good boy, Columbus discovered the new “China” and the South Asian subcontinent became the “South Asian subChina”.Cao yu believes that it is obvious that the Taiwan publisher, after tampering with the original text, did not even carry out basic pre-press work such as proofreading. He angrily criticized the relevant staff for their lack of professional ethics, which shows disrespect for both the author and the readers.The post immediately attracted attention on the island, and many Taiwanese netizens were also confused by the whole operation.According to Taiwan media “when news” reported that the kuomintang on the deputy chairperson josh chia hsin Lin asked about this, whether it is heavily played “the mediator” tsai ing-wen, authorities, make Taiwan press, academia heart as if everyone has a “small p total” (Taiwan province police headquarters “) on the manuscripts self-censorship, didn’t appear so farcical scenes.Maitian Press issued an apology this morning, saying that it had found a serious negligence in the editing and proofreading process of the book, and would inform bookstores and other channels to remove all products from the shelves and recall them. It will also notify readers of the treatment of the book, and apologize to the author and readers.A search on found that the purchase link for Hot China was no longer available on some online bookbuying platforms.The news also sparked heated discussions among Mainland netizens, one by one, with jokes like “Is this the opening of the legendary map?” and “The Wave of Well-intentioned Taiwan publishing house is single-handedly expanding the territory of China”…”So all seven continents are China?”This is how we play it.Source: guanchacn, an official wechat account edited by Deng Hongfeng and moderated by Li Ling