Four major Olympic forces were upset!ITO Mei Cheng 10 undefeated, Japan table tennis world war ended

2022-05-14 0 By

After seven days of fierce competition, the 2022 Japan Table Tennis National Championship officially came to a close on January 30, with seven medal winners officially announced, among which Hina Hayata won the most MEDALS, 2 gold and 1 silver.ITO Mei cheng 10 victories, households on the hawk auxiliary 11 battles unbeaten, invincible state won 2 crown;Zhang Benzhihe participated in 3 events, 1 gold and 1 silver, men’s singles suffered an unexpected loss.This competition Japan 5 major Olympic main force in 4 people (Zhang Benzhi and, Danyu taoxi, Ishikawa Kajuno, Hirano Meiyu) all appeared the surprise defeat, and the final 7 champion are all 00 after the young, among them the regular group of 5 champion athletes average age is only 20 years old, is really fierce competition!Please see below for details.Singles This year, there are 4 singles in the table Tennis Championships, which are divided into regular group and youth group.Teenagers need not say more, certainly are young after 00, the final is 15 years old Yoshishan Yuichi and 17 years old Kihara Meiyu summit for the king, and the attention of the two “child prodigy” Matsushima Fukong (14 years old), Zhang Benmei and (13 years old) in the final 0-3 defeat, it seems that or the young.As for the regular group of men’s singles champion is 20 years old Family hayabusuke, and 21 years old ITO Meiteng, and women’s singles runner-up is only 21 years old Hayata Hina — four players to participate in the final only men’s singles matsuping Kentai is 30 years old veteran, so it can be seen that the youth storm has already blow over the Japanese men’s and women’s table tennis.Second, doubles doubles, Tokamei Hayabusuke, ITO Mimato two are also proud, won the men’s doubles and women’s doubles champion, and their partners Uta Yukiya, Hayata Hina are only 18 and 21 years old respectively.What’s more worth mentioning is that Yukiya Uta and Hina Hayata were the singles champion of the ping Japan All Championship in 2020. At that time, they had been on the highest podium, which is really rare in years!As for the mixed doubles champion, It was Tomikazu Chang/Hina Hayata. Tomikazu Chang is now only 18 years old, but she is already the main force of the Japanese Olympic team.At present, the “inside roll” situation of The Japanese table tennis team is still serious, especially the men’s singles has been a champion for many years, such as Zhang Benzhi and has 4 games surprise defeat (2019~2022 respectively lost to Yuzai Oshima, Yuya Uta, And Kawakuki, Yoshiharu Yoshimura).Relatively speaking, the competition situation of Japanese NvPing is anacreontic, ITO beauty honest dominance, the early Tian Xina, followed by its her people win with each other, the two world champion ishikawa pure, smooth state of mei yu are less, but the wood more young athletes such as the original beauty of solitude also fledgling, temporarily does not have the strength of the big surprise.Although played very fierce, but in all fairness, this match is only the “civil war” of The Japanese table tennis world, the impact of the world table tennis world is very limited.Like households on the hawk auxiliary in the domestic wind, but he did not participate in the Asian championship last year into the men’s singles final, so it can be seen that the civil war expert in foreign war is also completely off the chain, this situation both at home and abroad.Can Japan’s table tennis at the present stage and the Chinese team main force player arm-wrestling are numbered, ITO, beauty truly is worthy of the name inside and outside war is outstanding, more play more soft and Zhang Benzhi and civil war, but doubles is rising in recent years, but Japan duan is likely to continue to explore the household falcon auxiliary/yutian luckily the ability of vector, lighten the burden of the doubles Zhang Benzhi and, let it be absorbed in the men’s singles and mixed doubles.Finally, I look forward to the competition between China and Japan again. I wish China Ping can continue to achieve good results: Come on!