Dezhou Breaks through key technologies and extends the industrial chain | There are 78 ways to eat a soybean

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How many “ways” can you eat a soybean?”In Texas, there are at least 78 species.”On February 10, wei Tao, development minister of Shandong Gusen Group, gave a surprising answer.Guesen Group can “eat and dry press” a grain of soybean, at least “change” into oil, protein, deeply processed derivatives and oligosaccharides, such as 33 categories, 78 varieties of products.”Based on the current price level, one ton of domestic non-GMO soybeans, transformed into end products such as health food through gradient processing, can be added 139 times.”Wei Tao did a calculation.”The transformation of soybeans is closely related to the solid agricultural foundation of Texas, strong innovation ability and perfect soybean processing chain.”City agriculture and rural bureau director Sun Fengyong said.Dezhou is a big agricultural city, with an annual soybean planting area of about 50,000 mu and an average yield of more than 220 kg per mu.At present, the city’s soybean processing enterprises 7, annual processing capacity of more than 700,000 tons, with Yuwang Group, Gushen Group two national soybean deep processing leading enterprises.”Last year, Yuwang Group innovation participation rate reached 100%, innovation proposals 4096, a total of 117 innovation projects, 162 skilled craftsmen, net profit innovation 36.15 million yuan.”Yuwang Group enterprise management director Xia Yumei introduction.And Yuwang Group, the city soybean deep processing enterprises aimed at the terminal market, continuous innovation, breakthrough key technologies, to promote the soybean processing industry from scale development to technological innovation driven transformation.”The soybean industry chain in Dezhou is sound and constantly moving toward the high-end, terminal and consumer end.”Sun Fengyong said, with soybean cotyledon as raw material, developed cotyledon oil;Launch plant protein meat, leisure vegetarian and other plant-based food series;Using soybean by-products as raw materials to develop pharmaceutical grade phospholipid, high activity amylase and other high value-added products;Launched “pure” soymilk powder brand, developed black soymilk powder, green soymilk powder and other products.In addition to traditional soybean products such as food and feed, the soybean industry chain is actively extending to fields such as medicine and new materials.At present, the development of soybean industry in Zhuhai has ushered in an important opportunity. “Opinions on Accelerating the development of Soybean Industry in Zhuhai” clearly states that by 2025, it will be built into an important r&d, production and supply base of soybean industry products in China, form a ten-billion-level soybean industry development cluster, and build a new highland for the development of Soybean industry in China.Texas journal produced by the new media reporter | wang zhiqiang Deng Jing edit | | Qin Chao audit Feng Guanghua final | Yin Bin