“Essays” Han Jizhong: Painstaking efforts of ice

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The blood of ice author: Han Ji Zhong friend!Last night your shining confession was like a few snowflakes drifting in the wind to Novosibirsk, making the only rose on Longshan red and tightly bound imperceptibly.I know that even the ancient wafts of flame, won’t make the layer of tight hoop off gently, then you’re anxious rubbing his hands, as if afraid of freezing, and away from your feet, lest numb with cold, waiting to wait, also deep feeling ground looked at the rose color, even if the ice is wrapped, revealed the still is so white inside deeply red, so beautiful frozen,Like a sleeping beauty with glowing lips, or a baby in her womb, suddenly your face is covered with flowers of happiness.Speech is so light, the tone is so charming, the laughter from the air is so let a person happy, just like the fog enveloped many days, and the wind blew away, blue sky white clouds set off against the kang King river on the side of his hometown, so pure heart, so elegant, bare heart, perhaps only the stars in the sky and the moon know.Ice is sleeping water.It is not only a cold appearance, but also let the heart zero, coming from the blood of enthusiasm, as if entering the fourth season of the glacier, and like nirvana rebirth, there are joy, injury, also fall silent……At times I was afraid of the sleet tonight and the north wind the next morning…Maybe let you tolerate a little, even a day, a month, or a year, sometimes afraid of what comes, you let it at will, let nature.Quietly melt, I hope every gorgeous turn, will bring good luck.Along the stream, flow into the Kangwang River, then into the Dongping Lake, into the Yellow River, and into the Yellow and Bohai Seas……Let the soul return to nature.This year’s winter is not very cold, perhaps next year’s winter, the winter after the year, still so, this is only I wish that hot heart and that piece of cold ice is still in the rose tree, do not fall, natural, brave to live.Note: pictures from the network, if there is a problem, please contact the background to delete.About the author: Han Jizhong, born in Feicheng city, Tai ‘an city, Shandong Province, a company staff member, used to plant land, carry guns, love literature, works published in many newspapers and magazines and a variety of network platforms, and selected a number of anthology.Director of Sichuan Chu Culture Research Association, editorial board member of “New Century Poetry Selection” book, deputy editor of “International Literature Society”, “International Poetry language”, “World wind”, “Taoxiang Wenyuan” micro journal.Taoxiang literary life, not only today, but also poetry and tomorrow’s sun……”Peach Village literature Garden” is a public platform focusing on real feelings, mainly launched original literary works, occasionally some life encyclopedia and health knowledge, “peach village literature Garden” look forward to your attention, welcome your submission!Note for submission: poems, essays, essays and short stories should be the most positive literary works that do not violate laws and morals and hinder the stability of the country. The maximum number of words should not exceed 2,500.The manuscript must be original and first published. Plagiarism and plagiarism are forbidden. The platform shall not bear any legal responsibility.(Submission format: original text + author photo + author introduction) E-mail: sdfcsyy@163.com (no remuneration)