Golden cannavaro VS golden Messi, this is the world of football “33VS34”!

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At the age of 33, individual and team to complete career high honor cannavaro, opens up a new Spanish career, as a real Madrid that one of the most big-name signings in the summer, cannavaro in more attack-minded la liga, facing the unprecedented challenge of his career, and the first to “kick the door house”, is Lionel messi was only 19 years old,.Without a doubt, the second leg of the 2006-07 La Liga el Clasico was one of the most memorable matches of Messi’s Barcelona career, with Barcelona down a man for 45 second-half minutes to win 3-3 thanks to a hat-trick from the Argentine star.However, the game often being ignored an episode, cannavaro is absent because of injury, real Madrid sent starting is central defender Ivan helguera and ramos, when messi scored 3 goals, two people in the face of panic when messi: Ivan helguera been messi wipe easily step, while ramos in blocking shots late step.True, the Spanish title was still won by Real Madrid that season, but had the more experienced Cannavaro been guarding Messi at the end of the match, Real might have completed the season’s double, without having to wait for the final round.Cannavaro, after all, joined up with Pepe in the first leg of the el Clasico, leaving Barcelona without Messi in the attack, with ronaldinho, Eto ‘o and Iniesta all deftly neutralised by the Italian veteran.Cannavaro was the winner of the next season’s La Liga title race: Lionel Messi continued to miss many games through injury, Real Madrid scored an easy double in the El Clasico, clinched the title early and almost knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League.Of course, since then, “dream three” rapid rise, gradually senile Cannavaro, also gradually fade out of real Madrid starting, fans expect the direct dialogue between the two generations of stars, in la Liga arena staged not many times.Instead, when Messi won his first Ballon d ‘Or in 2009, a beaming Cannavaro was present to witness the historic occasion.Although at that time, the position, age, life experience of two different people, the confrontation is more media wishful hype.But in today’s view, their encounter is a watershed.Cannavaro is not only the last player after 70, but also the last defender to win the ballon d ‘Or.Messi is not only the biggest winner of the Ballon d ‘Or since its inception, but also has almost made the golden Ball his own backyard in the past 12 years. Even at the age of 34, the Ballon d ‘Or is still “if Messi does not give, others can not compete”.Watching Messi and Cannavaro continue to play each other as players for the rest of their lives is out of the question for the imaginative fan.But if time can reverse, when messi, 34, seven times winner of the Ballon d ‘Or, against cannavaro, 33, the alternative “33VS34”, what would it be like?A real-time version of canavaro, a live football mobile game that hits the market on Valentine’s Day, may capture the imagination of fans and players alike.Given messi’s form this season, it will not be easy to outdo the 33-year-old Carmelo. Messi is no longer as explosive as he was when he was younger, while cannavaro’s speed of 89, explosiveness of 94, contact of 93 and body control of 86 is the best match among central defenders.This also ensures that he will not lose speed against Messi.And in the face of Messi’s many full grade offensive statistics, the opposite cannavaro, 99 defensive awareness and 98 steals, 99’s enthusiasm can also ensure that Messi is always around.In addition, cannavaro’s strength of 90 can ensure that messi is closely followed throughout the game, marking, tackling ability, fighting spirit and other player skills, can also make David cavanagh’s defensive effect to the next level.This football world “33VS34”, who is the winner?Landing live football hand tour, let the time version of Canavaro give you the ultimate answer!