A smile jianghu letter has a few times, nonsense where in the world is home

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art a smile river’s lake letter has a few times, nonsense where is the world return.I do not know where is my hometown, endless hide, easy to laugh.There are no good policies to govern the country, but good strategies to serve the people.Do not husband, wine thousand pot, who knows drunk in speech moral solitary.Look back at a smile flowers open, poetry is full of, don’t say nonsense from the heart.Find fangfei, the heart has been grey, all rhyme, a smile drunk thousands of cups.I can’t hear you. I know it’s the hardest thing to ask.Dongfeng letter is a good spring, a smile smiling 100 hui incense, swallow I do not know where to go, lying peach and plum fragrance.A hundred flowers yan smile, lying to the bottom of my heart things, only know the word the most difficult to fill.Is penglai, only way nonsense really sad, nianlai are wonderful sentence, look back a smile flowers open.For ten years, I don’t know what year it is today.Love thick beginning letter mountain no tree, a smile what wine full cup, drunk I do not know the world has reincarnation.A smile drunk tianya, do not believe that human nonsense can be interpreted, know your heart things fall who.Gao Shijie, Yunshan deep understanding nonsense Zen, believe there is truth in a smile meet is fate.Don’t lie, ambition in the sky, all rhyme, look back a smile has been thousands of years.Careless sex is not a worm, a smile flowers, who knows the world in nonsense.Meet a smile tianya have old kiss, don’t say fate in the world of mortals.Drink to know the taste, poured to forget nonsense, the letter is life from a smile.The world of mortals more turbid gas, I do not know the truth in the world, easy to laugh 100 mei health.Always spring, drunk world of mortals, I do not know where to make absurd remarks.And after years, another day, I flatter myself where is the paradise.Know the past things, careless is nonsense, only believe that there is real joy in the world, meet a smile and open bottles.The world is not by people, know why to ask the cause of the fruit, easy to laugh a hundred years.Do not believe that the world has this peak, a smile will be calm, you know this is nonsense in the world.A smile smiling hundred mei health, spring breeze letter to the border city, a few layers of flowers.Peach blossom falls, east wind north to send Liuxufei, spring comes a few days later, thousands of branches to wait for your return.On the branches oriole singing cui Liu, spring to late I do not know sorrow, the east wind is haggard, peach blossoms fall in the dream.Spring rain is still rolling green branches, dongfeng peach blossoms into the new poem.East wind across the stream, peach blossom fall all spring back, only fear to swallow and low.Peach blossom in full bloom, warm yao Tai, late to return yan Xinzhi fine cutting.A few branches, two degrees of hate to late, the east wind does not understand, blowing peach blossoms all over the ground.Don’t say time to late, proud snow burst qiongzhi, dongfeng night peach blossoms in bloom.Willow new, peach blossoms fall and meet spring, ten thousand red as fire, only afraid of late to see people.Peach blossoms fall as liusi hang, and the east wind off, don’t complain spring is still green poplar.Willows faintly infinite hate late, dongfeng does not understand the peach blossom romance.Yan comes late, compose full branch, dongfeng does not understand peach blossom into the new poem.Dongfeng all things China, peach and plum race fangfei, qiongzhi Yuye late refused to return.Peach blossom falls full stream, the east wind sends warm feeling spring will do, on the branch the yellow warbler is comfortable crowing.Spring yan came late, mei opened two degrees of incense full branches, dongfeng peach blossom fu new poetry.One night the east wind qingliqing, peach blossom tree under the smile, magpie branches frequently, don’t blame late silent.Spring is just, the east wind night full of red mountain, not bee butterfly dance, only poplar green thick.Qiongzhi yu Rui does not touch dust, only to late early spring, borrow the east wind thirty thousand miles, peach blossom a smile full universe.Where swallows return late, is a year of willow branches, borrow dongfeng tree fu new poems.The east wind fell as willow, thousands of branches to late refused to return.Peach blossom when, dongfeng weak late you know whether, only han Mei proud snow branches.Cold plum hair a few branches, magpie reported late, the east wind to send warm peach blossom in full bloom.Tomb-sweeping day rain comes late, willows are still green branches, borrow dongfeng smile fu new poems.Flick willow, two bosom friends, thousands of branches of the setting sun has come late.Clip shore peach blossom reflects water red, a leaf driven by the east wind, to late do not feel the residual branches of the fishing weng.Recall the old swim, the pavilion looked at the river, in the past parrot chau edge, today under the Phoenix for.Xiao pipe sound with the song parrots, qingchuan pavilion on the floor before looking at the ancient city.Parrot chau head looked at the sea floor, the stage recall spring and autumn, qingchuan pavilion outside the edge of the ancient flow.Qingchuan a look close, purple and green race wind, phoenix bath fire open screen and then put throat.The first taste of wine, drunk, parrot island platform cool sunset.See phoenix where fly, empty smell parrot cry to people, qingchuan pavilion looking nine yi.Remember the old tour, looking at China, qingchuan Pavilion outside the thousand sail race, the yellow Crane Tower before everything rest.Remote dongting water, yellow Crane tower before the small misty rain, phoenix parrot chau edge rocky.Chrysanthemum yellow leaves fall rain, wild goose qingchuan another autumn, parrot island head empty stand, phoenix on waste gaze.Baiyun leisurely on the mountain, parrot chau before qingchuan infinite good, yellow orange green jiangqiu.No cross, phoenix Terrace high guest board, qingchuan where is, yellow Crane Tower on the most affectionate.Autumn wind bleak chrysanthemum yellow, wanli Qingchuan goose line, parrot island head empty stand, phoenix on waste thinking.Phoenix Terrace looking at the banner, Parrot Island edge to listen to the drum held to be innocent, wanli Qingchuan yellow crane dance clouds.Incense with parrot scattered, pearl shade total fangcao Liantianbi, yellow Crane tower in front of the sunset.A hope trust, red, yellow, purple and green race youth, bath fire rebirth day, parrot crow spring germination again.Autumn moon Ming, pavilion night wind qing, when parrot Chau edge, today phoenix Terrace bank line.After a phoenix fly, parrot call, qingchuan pavilion on the floor before the untimely.Amorous don’t sing empty sing phoenix Terrace, wanli Qingchuan never come again.Qingchuan a look, purple and green each gorgeous, phoenix bath fire open screen and then open.Flying fairy dance, qingchuan wang broken old sorrow, parrot chau head stage recall spring and autumn.Dance neon clothes, song weiyang, wanli Qingchuan Huanghe into poetry.Empty cry blood, not habitat wu, qingchuan pavilion before the sunset alone.Spring can, a thousand young leaves yellow, phoenix wings blue sky dance, parrot open screen clear water Yang.There are female early yellow, beautiful qingchuan flower garden, parrot island head stage fu thousand.Don’t say everything is empty, a pillow laughing, knee children is the old capacity.Lai Linghui fragrant grass, clear sound around the sky, huang Liang a pillow there is a hole fairy.Around the river, a few soul dream home, not ripe body first death, do not believe that the world has heartbroken.A pillow huang Liang wake up weiyang, the world is not desolate, the world of dreams are illusory, around refers to tenderness is hometown.The world sky night is not Yang, around the tender dream of love.Dimly to hometown, a pillow must wake up, do not believe that the world has heartbroken.The blue mountain mist locks the eyebrow, you dream when return, huangliang beautiful scenery human swallows fly.A pillow cool, everywhere sad, a dream of red mansions thousands of good, several degrees of soul led around the gallery.Heaven immortal human feelings, a pillow a few spring and autumn, knee children dimly month full building.Let me fly, soul pull native land around the mountain kuma, a pillow must wake up, beginning to believe that the world has reincarnation.Dance around the world, the dream vaguely to my home, a pillow huangliang everywhere is peach blossom.Huangliang a pillow in the world, I do not know the shadow around yao Tai dream.Find Penglai, things can be sad, around the tree crow dream home back.A dream of the horizon, mist cover yarn, pillow is busy.Cloud around the South of the Yangtze River, rain flower residue huangliang end does not wake up, the world of heaven two wandering.Huangliang sun and moon long, the world is not desolate, the world of mortals dream tenderness is hometown.Don’t say everything in the world, huangliang a pillow a few reincarnation, lap children thousands of good, the dream vaguely call son return.– Zheng Huixian Chinese Art