National football defeat is expected, handsome is not a panacea!Why did Li Xiaopeng carry the pot?

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China lost 2-0 to Japan, the group second direct promotion hope dashed!He Xiaolong: “this exchange ocean handsome!”This mouth wind change of fast, faster than the national foot defeat but also three points!Just like that sentence: “at the beginning of the office, dancing and dancing;Once lost, chaos!”No wonder Huang Jianxiang 1 long sigh: “Chinese football completely lost!”On and off the court, we didn’t win anyone!Search picture editor still remember Li Xiaopeng’s answer to the Japanese reporters before the competition, for some sharp questions, the answer was perfect, showing the high emotional intelligence, the former Li Tie was blown by the media, it seems that everyone can sleep soundly on The night of January 27!However, the day of unforeseen circumstances, Stanley Wang first ball, the Japanese team scored a penalty, the first!The reporters could not sit still and began to comment on li Xiaopeng’s platoon arrangement and substitution.Search map editing results?The Japanese team is full of confidence on the court, neither hurry nor slow;The Chinese team is cautious and jittery!Not to preserve the hope of promotion, but the sword ah!Even kindergarteners know offense is the best defense!That attack player pile up, lose one is to lose, lose ten is also to lose, stem why old bite to lose less than 3 is not lost?(Bai Guohua said!)The Chinese team was in the hesitancy yi Dongchun also scored a goal!Narrator: “The sky is weak!”Search picture edit picture is not clear enough to replace the picture national football team lost, expected!There are not enough naturalized players, and there is no kung fu football that the Japanese are afraid of, in the midfield, fighting with the Japanese for skills, fighting for passing control, with their own short attack of the enemy’s long, it is not worth losing!So the question is, is it a coach’s problem or a player’s problem?He Xiaolong, a famous football journalist and the “adopted son” of Soutu editor Hao Wei, woke us up and said he wanted to teach us a common sense: “The weaker a team is, the more it needs a high-level coach.”Also for example, the national football team soil marshal did not succeed!Therefore, the National football team needs foreign coaches!Alas, lippi was such a failure, so should we use Guardiola, mourinho or Klopp?Search map editor suddenly remembered a thing, at the beginning of Li Tie 40 strong match 4 straight end, it seems that this is also he Xiaolong said for sure to change the handsome wow!Even scolari is always on the road!Li Xiaopeng defeated Japan, 2 ball small loss, is really Li Xiaopeng’s fault?Li Xiaopeng: “Who knows the bitterness in my heart?And to whom!”At this time, the old tune, disturb the morale of the army, is really want to let us New Year’s day are not good?(In case they lose to Vietnam!)As a professional football coach, or the best coach of the Super League Li Xiaopeng, impossible level as media, as fans!Remember before is the head coach responsibility system, someone up after taking off this one, the result is to work together, unite the strength, the head coach has to obey the collective!So used to play the left back of Wang Shenchao became a back, is India striker National football team’s first elder brother Wu Lei became a defensive player, Alan, Wei Shihao actually stand pile, the only real center zhang Yuning results were replaced!I do not believe that Li Xiaopeng is a stupid person, like to use his own short attack the enemy’s long tactics in such a major competition!To tell the truth, even if Li Xiaopeng is more cattle than Lipi, the platoon arrangement is perfect, can win the Japanese?Or the fans see clearly ah!”Chinese football is not the coach’s problem!Personal ability is too poor!A good coach turns everything he touches to gold, but he can’t turn shit to gold!”Words rough reason not rough!Personally think: the root of Chinese football is the intention of the managers and the way of youth training!Always change the handsome, but this is eager for quick success and instant benefits of a performance!True, soldiers bear a bear, will bear a nest, but you let Mourinho to the National football team, the National football team will serf turned over to sing?Jose mourinho: “Chinese football is not football!”Between the lines, Chinese football is full of utilitarian, politicized!This is also a lot of foreign coaches inexplicable pain!Including leading Chinese men’s football into the World Cup final circle of rice lu also escape the curse of drag!Search graph editor and our youth training, also be accompanied by utilitarianism and come!Taught how to play tricks, how to lie down, how to quickly become famous and make money, long forgotten what football is!The coach of Guangzhou R&F youth training, Hiron Seonshi, put forward his own views on China’s youth training, saying in an interview: “Nowadays China’s youth football training excessively values the outcome of the match, and there is the phenomenon of money worship. Primary school students are paid for signing, and they do not understand the essence of youth training.”That hit the nail on the head!Search map editor finally, in view of the change of the handsome this problem, also learn from he big reporter, to everyone to popularize a common sense: “The Peking University professor is not necessarily a successful kindergarten teacher!”Do you think that makes sense?The National football team is definitely hopeless, can only fight for honor!Li Xiaopeng can not point “shit” into gold!Well, then let’s do what we have to do!Li Tie: “Chinese football depends on scold is scold not enter World Cup!”His son can only hurt himself!Or that sentence: win together crazy, lost together carry!Support Li Xiaopeng, support the National football Team!