Start with cordiac 7-seater 18W, with a length of nearly 4.7 meters and a large space for both people and cargo

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With the increasing number of three-child families, car owners’ demand for cars has changed slightly, and the space inside the car has become a vehicle quality often mentioned when buying a car. Models with large space are more likely to attract attention, and the market segment of medium-sized SUV has gained more development opportunities.On the other hand, people’s living standards have been significantly improved, and they have more money in hand. When buying a car, they care more about the real strength of the vehicle than the price.A combination of factors has made the market for powerful, roomy models, such as Skoda’s Kodiac, hot.In fact, Compared with other models of the same level, The cost performance of Cordiac is higher. After all, you can get a seven-seat model at the price of the five-seat version, which is more friendly to prospective car owners with a large family population.And in addition to the proud interior of the large space, the strength of other aspects of the Cordiac is also quite “domineer”, next to take you to a detailed understanding of the car.For car owners, the appearance of the vehicle is the first place to pay attention to, and models with a high appearance level are more likely to stimulate car owners’ desire to buy.Years ago, the official picture of 22 Types of Cordiac was officially released, the new car has been upgraded in many aspects, the vehicle appearance level is also a better level.The old model’s iconic three-dimensional radial cascade intake grille on the front face has been retained, and the LED streamer headlights on both sides have a slight upward arc, which visually adds a youthful flair to the Cordiac.The c-type crystal LED pulsating taillight of the rear of the vehicle has its own dynamic effect of flowing water, which makes the vehicle highly recognizable. The large double-outlet tail pipe has too strong movement breath.Spacious space, high comfort all say that the interior space of Cordiac is spacious, how to drive and ride comfort has to be looked at comprehensively.The cordiac has a body size of 4698*1883*1676mm, a wheelbase of 2791mm, and a seven-seater layout for guaranteed seating.Adult males of medium height sit in the front seat of the car. After a simple adjustment of the seat position, there is still a lot of movable space around the body. When driving for a long time, they can alleviate physical fatigue by doing some small body movements.In order to further improve the driving comfort of the owners, Cordiac car seats are made of leather material, not only feel more delicate, and the interior of the filling, with comfort to operate.If there are no people in the car and you need to pull bulky items, the owner can also put the back seat down in proportion, so that the volume of the trunk can be directly expanded to 2,065 liters, the loading capacity is not bad.Whether it is a high level of vehicle appearance requirements, or prefer those spacious models, Cordiac can meet.And the price of the seven-seat version of this car is around 18W after the discount, which is within the financial range of most owners.If you care about the value of the vehicle, the Kodiak is actually a good choice.