“Week Back” price gouging “hit”!Black department this week blunt high fall

2022-05-16 0 By

A review of the past week, bulk commodities as a whole rose more than fell.Rising varieties, soybean meal with nearly 11% of the total crown, pigs, dates followed.On the other hand, glycol fell 5.52% and vegetable oil fell 4.37%.2. Changes in weekly position holding of varieties (2022/2/7 — 2022/2/11) in terms of position holding, the thread with 219,400 lots of additional positions ranked first, followed by soybean meal with 202,300 lots.In terms of reducing positions, styrene has a small reduction of 18,300 hands, followed by hot coils with 17,500 hands.1. Black: the rollercoaster under supervision is affected by the concept of “guaranteed delivery” and the relaxation of real estate supervision. At the beginning of the year, the whole black department is in the situation of “off-season is not weak”.In march, due to the expected warming of the weather, the market rose to coal, iron ore and other black upstream raw materials speculation upsurge.Against the backdrop of an “abnormal surge” in prices, the two ministries jointly stepped up price supervision and severely punished a number of violations of fabricating and disseminating information about price hikes.With the fermentation of the event, the related varieties showed obvious signs of falling back from the height.Related: Big bang!Two departments to talk about part of the coal price artificially high enterprises moving coal, coking coal drop are more than 4% outcrop hit!2, non-ferrous metals: overseas production cut, epidemic disturbance during the Spring Festival, due to the presence of low overseas inventory, demand picked up, non-ferrous metals showed a general trend.In addition, under the disturbance of the epidemic, domestic supply and transportation are also greatly affected, and copper, aluminum and other varieties can be said to “soar”.Related: Recovering Demand, Historically low Inventories!Citigroup raised its copper price forecast to $11,000. London aluminum rose more than 6% to near all-time highs. Goldman Sachs raised its price target to $4,000 ahead of Thursday and next week’s events