Dai Weijun was embarrassed by Akerson style, played well in the first game, couldn’t touch the ball in the second game, was isolated?

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In the 3-1 defeat in Vietnam, the performance of many players in The National football Team made people feel doubtful, such as captain Wu Xi’s hiding the ball, such as Wang Shanchao, Zheng Zheng and other defensive eyes, and dai Weijun, regarded as the new core of the future midfield, could not even touch the ball!When Li Tie coached the National football team, he did not like to use naturalized players, and Dai Weijun was not naturalized at that time.But there are rumors that the FOOTBALL association is looking to naturalize Kaldek and naturalize Dai weijun.But see Li Tie does not like to see naturalized player, Kardeke nature is not willing to step again Brazilian compatriot’s after the dust, football association can only think of a way to let Dai Weijun naturalized.Not yet 23 years old Dai Weijun naturalized, he can really help the national football team?That’s the question on many fans’ minds!But I believe that watching Dai Weijun in Shenzhen team performance of the fans, will feel dai Weijun is no worse than any of the midfield players.Among them are Zhang Xizhe, Hao Junmin, Wu Xi and Xu Xin.Zhang Xizhe 40 strong game was denied, Sagumin to the age of powerless, Wu Xi wearing the captain armband turned out to be a stealth man, Xu Xin is just a slapstick, good or bad!China’s midfield is in urgent need of someone who can lead.After Li Xiaopeng became the new head coach of the National football team, he began to reuse naturalized players. At the same time, Dai Weijun was successfully naturalized and had the qualification to represent the national football team.The match against Japan became dai Weijun’s debut on behalf of the National football team.Dai Wai-joon was able to replace Hao Jun-min in the second half.Dai waijun was full of confidence as soon as he took the stage, radiating a new-born spirit.Dai Weijun made his debut for the Chinese national football team, but he was very good on the pitch, running in and out of the front field and attracting many defenders.Dai Weijun is also a rare player in the National football team to hold the ball, the national football team forward attack is also in Dai Weijun after playing more up.After the game, Dai Weijun’s performance was unanimously recognized by the fans that he is definitely the core of the midfield of the National football Team in the future.Fans also expect him to play well in China’s next game against Vietnam, with a similar success rate of passing, if not 100 percent, to 90 percent against Japan.But who would have thought that against Vietnam, Dai Weijun suffered an Akesson-style embarrassment, and could not even touch the ball.I believe many fans are full of controversy about Akessen’s performance in The National football Team, some say he performed well, some say he is not good.In fact, Aiksen’s performance is not good, there are two main reasons, one is not to play to their favorite position, the second is too little ball at the foot.If Akerson wants to take the ball to attack, he has to grab the ball from the back, and then kill the ball forward, which is naturally a very big test of his physical strength.Besides, every time Akerson gets the ball, the other team has two or three players defending him.Now Dai Weijun’s performance in the National football Team, like Aiksen, can not even touch the ball.In the second world War against Vietnam, when Dai Weijun couldn’t get the ball, some fans commented that Dai Weijun was isolated because of his good performance in the first game.