Cultural romance full of innovation

2022-05-18 0 By

The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games interpreted the Olympic spirit in a unique visual form, demonstrated the broad cultural mind and calm cultural confidence of the host Country, and reached a new height in international language and Chinese expression in a new era.The overall idea of taking snowflakes as images throughout the opening ceremony can be described as a symbol of nature and spirit, with praise for ice and snow sports and full of love for life, care in simplicity, connotation in simplicity, elegant and delicate overall color, simple and gorgeous.Such abridged and simplified reflects the traditional essence of Chinese art that is still empty and seeking artistic conception, and also creates a romantic combination of science and technology and artistic creativity that is immersed in body and mind and still full of meaning. The amazing flowers bloom at the opening ceremony.The combination of performance and image, concrete modeling and abstract graphics, plane pattern and three-dimensional image interweave and blend, all show the unique charm of the integration of science and technology and art, making the opening ceremony appear to be in the forefront of the world style.The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only a grand event of ice and snow sports, but also a grand event to show Chinese culture to the world.From the winter Olympic Games, winter paralympic games emblem to medal, the design of the torch, from the Olympic venues of public art to landscape design, through the Chinese elements, Beijing and zhangjiakou region cultural elements, but in the form of language and full of contemporary feeling, manifests the inspired from the rich cultural traditions youthful vitality of artistic creativity,It has opened up a new environment in the transformation of modernity and innovative development of traditional culture.Of course, the Olympic Opening ceremony of the original, but also shows our country’s cultural innovation, the importance of culture.Only the innovation of culture can last forever.The social science smelting of traditional culture is not only a formal transformation, but also contains the re-excavation, re-creation, re-refinement and re-interpretation of traditional cultural values. It can help us better distinguish and extract the positive factors in traditional culture that are in line with the common values and visions of human beings.It can also help us to examine more carefully the inevitable things in traditional culture that do not fit the common norms of contemporary human development.Culture condenses on a certain material carrier, but also dissociates from the material, producing a reaction to the material.Science and technology is not only an important content of culture, but also an important embodiment and carrier of culture.Culture and science and technology complement and promote each other.Scientific and technological innovation is a strong impetus to promote cultural transformation, and advanced cultural ideas are the ideological source of scientific and technological innovation.The new situation and new tasks require us to better understand the relationship between culture and science and technology, and promote their integrated development.