Meet the Winter Olympics, feel the ice and snow jingyun competition venues ready

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As the Beijing Winter Olympic Games draw near, all the 12 competition venues planned for use have been completed, distributed in three competition areas, namely Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou.Let’s take a look at the unique competition venues.The National Speed Skating Stadium, also known as the “Ice Ribbon”, is the only newly built ice competition venue in Beijing. Together with the “Bird’s Nest” and “Water Cube”, it forms the landmark building complex of the “Double Olympic” City.The Ice Ribbon, the first speed venue in The History of the Winter Olympics to use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, will host the speed skating events and produce 14 gold MEDALS, the most ever for a single venue at a Winter Games.The design concept of Shougang ski big jump is derived from the traditional flying sky shape in Dunhuang fresco of China, which looks like a smart “glass shoe” from the side. It will be used for snowboard and freestyle ski big jump events during the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the end area of the track can hold concerts, press conferences and other large-scale outdoor activities in the future.The National Aquatics Center, also known as the “Water Cube”, was one of the landmark venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.It has been transformed into a venue for both water and ice sports, hence the name “Ice Cube”.During the Beijing Winter Olympics, curling events will be held here.The Wukesong Sports Center is the first arena in China to host both professional sports events in the same venue, with the ability to switch between hockey and basketball within six hours.Its specially designed colorful exterior curtain wall system gives the pavilion the name “Ice Linghua”.The National Stadium hosted gymnastics, trampoline and other events at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.After the renovation, it will host some ice hockey competitions for men and women at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and ice hockey competitions for the disabled at the Winter Paralympics.The Capital Gymnasium was built in 1968 and hosted volleyball events at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will feature short-track speed skating and figure skating events, with 14 gold MEDALS awarded.This is the first completed renovation and expansion project of the Competition venue of the Beijing Winter Olympics: the appearance is “restored as old”, continuing the classic;The venue focuses on creating the “most beautiful ice” to create a better viewing experience.Alpine skiing is known as “the pearl in the crown of the Winter Olympic Games”.The National Alpine Skiing Center has seven ski trails with large slopes and drops, which are extremely difficult to construct and mainly undertake alpine skiing and bobsled events.It is one of the most difficult alpine skiing venues in the world.The national Bobsled Center is the first bobsled track in China and the venue for bobsled, bobsled and skeleton bobsled events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The stadium has 16 curves with different angles and gradients. After the completion of ice making in October 2020, the national team will enter the stadium for training, becoming the first competition venue for the national team to enter the training in Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Zhangjiakou Area National Ski Jumping Center National Ski Jumping Center is China’s first ski jumping site in line with international standards, and also the venue with the largest amount of engineering and the highest technical difficulty in the construction of the Venue group of The Winter Olympic Games in Zhangjiakou Area. It will undertake the skiing and Nordic combined competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The platform section is vividly called “Snow ruyi” because it matches the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese auspicious ornament “Ruyi”.The National Cross-country Skiing Center will host cross-country skiing and Nordic combined at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Cross-country skiing is a marathon in winter events. It is a typical endurance event with long course and long competition time.Located in the valley northeast of Taizicheng District, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, the National Biathlon Center is equipped with a shooting range, a track, a starting and finishing area, and a technical building. It will be responsible for the biathlon competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games.Genting Ski Park includes six courses of halfpipe, slopestyle, moguls, aerialisms, slalom chase and parallel giant slalom. It will host 20 events in freestyle skiing and snowboarding.Photos of this edition are issued by Xinhua News Agency