Wang Xin named “the most beautiful housekeeper”

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Li Miao Wei reporter CAI Xiaohua recently, by the All-China Federation of trade Union rights and interests protection department, China finance, Trade, light textile tobacco trade Union, All-China Federation of women’s work department jointly organized the “most beautiful homemaker” tree push activity in the country, Dandong Huimin homemaker company sister-in-law Wang Xin became the only liaoning province won this title “the most beautiful homemaker”.”The secret is love, patience and carefulness.”Wang said.In 2010, Wang Xin signed up to participate in the free nanny training class organized by dandong Federation of Trade Unions. After systematic learning of maternal and child care, parenting knowledge, nutrition and other courses, she successfully took up her post and became a professional nanny.Since then, Wang Xin has been gradually accepted by more and more people with her solid professional knowledge, excellent professional skills and sincere service attitude.In 2014, she won the honorary title of “Gold Yuesao” in the Professional skills Competition of Maternal and child care in Dandong.Human fireworks gas, the most touching people.In many people’s eyes, the taste of the month meal is bland and the style is single. If the mother has five or six monthly meals a day, it is not only a test of cooking technology, but also innovation.Before the month sister-in-law, Wang Xin liked to think about food. After learning the cooking skills of the month meal in the skills training center, she was even more in her element.At work, she will comprehensively consider seasonal vegetables and maternal health, with scientific nutrition of the monthly meal recipes, fried vegetables, pasta, soup…Not only the dishes are rich, but also taste delicious.To the baby “is not their own children better than their own children” care, to the maternal “is not relatives better than relatives” care — Wang Xin is so said, is also doing so.In a service, Wang Xin found that puerpera is always unhappy, and before the birth of a different person.Later, she learned that the woman had to have a Caesarean section after three days of labor pains. The pain and pain of the postpartum wound made her miserable and worried about whether she would be able to bear the burden of raising the child.Wang Xin knows the seriousness of postpartum depression. She often talks to the puerpera about daily affairs and news. With her own nursing skills, she helps the puerpera interact with their babies and stimulate their inner love.Be a craftsman with a heart.In their own business skills continue to improve at the same time, Wang Xin also does not forget to help the sister-in-law sisters around the promotion together.At the training center, she offered free hands-on instruction.Crescent sister-in-law encountered problems, she patiently and carefully professor, the work experience of the full.In order to improve their ability to deal with difficult problems, Wang Xin set up a work skills qQ group to communicate with everyone through the wechat group and help other sisters grow up.Under her guidance, more than 50 sisters have succeeded.In her 12 years in the business, she has worked 3,285 days and cared for 26,280 hours of babies.”As long as you are true to your work and to the people around you, life will reward you handsomely.”Wang said.