Want to buy a good house, not just staring at the money, changzhou popular community list to pay attention to

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[Abstract] A new issue of Changzhou popular residential district TOP ranking out!According to Fangtianxia Research Institute, Tian ‘an Garden became the most popular residential area in Changzhou in the sixth week of January (1.31-2.6).Located at 298 Jinling North Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou city, the residential area is priced at 17,380 yuan per square meter.Second-hand housing in the purchase of the need to investigate in many aspects, such as the price of the community, house type, decoration, and the community environment, property, surrounding supporting facilities and so on.Home buyers in the purchase of a comprehensive consideration of a variety of factors, according to their own needs to choose a suitable community.Some of them have good conditions in all aspects or have outstanding conditions in a certain aspect, by more home buyers focus on browsing, that is, the popularity of the community.Today xiaobian for preparing to buy a house you brought changzhou the highest popularity of second-hand housing district, come to see if there is in line with you!According to Fangtianxia Research Institute, the most popular residential area in Changzhou in the sixth week of January was Tian ‘an Garden, 298 Jinling North Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, priced at 17,380 yuan per square meter, with 127 units currently for sale.Changzhou Popular Residential District List in the 6th week of January (1.31-2.6)Room world institute residential new north of changzhou new north district JinLing north road 298137 sets in rent | 127 units sold in 17380 yuan / ㎡ residential collection day ning 960 wu avenue in five sets in rent | 85 units sold in 21634 yuan / ㎡ collection Villa new north district, changzhou new north hanjiang river east road no. 8 (China dinosaur park…4 sets in rent | 80 units sold in 28344 yuan / ㎡ collection disclaimer: all marked “source: housing” reprint please indicate the source.This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice, nor does it mean that Fangtian agrees with its views.Fangtianxia APP offers more, fast buy a good room, fangtianxia fang.com