Chaowei pool thanks to the vast number of users, 100 million yuan gift to you

2022-05-19 0 By

Chaowei is the leading technology, master the core technology of graphene battery, high-end battery benchmark brand!Peak season is coming, buy batteries have gifts, 100 million yuan gift distribution, refueling for the Winter Olympics!01 Activity Introduction In order to repay the long-term support and trust of our terminal customers, CHAOwei launched the activity of “Buy batteries and give Appliances for free”.From now on, if you order SUPER way batteries, you can get the corresponding midea high-end home appliances gift according to the order quantity.02 Giveaways set giveaways 1: Midea 304 boiler giveaways 2: Midea electric kettle more beautiful giveaways, coming ~ The more the number of SUPER power batteries you order, the more prizes you will receive, the more the merry. let’s act quickly.The event will be held until February 28, 2022;2. This activity takes four packs of products as the order quantity standard;3. The gifts of this activity will be delivered to the agent together with the products, and you can get them on the spot when ordering at the terminal.* CHAOwei Battery reserves the right to interpret the event.