Hua County: teachers and students made “ice dun dun” to cheer for the Olympic athletes

2022-05-19 0 By

In order to further promote the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, the spread of ice and snow culture, recently, xiangyang county primary school organized students to make “ice dun dun” for the Olympic athletes to cheer.County Xiangyang Primary school teacher Cui Wenpeng said: “Today we all together to make Bing Dwen Dwen, Bing Dwen Dwen the image of our Winter Olympics mascot, it is mainly by our national treasure panda, and ice crystals combined to represent the image of ice and snow.”At the production site, the teacher instructed students to make bing Dwen dwen while explaining relevant knowledge of the Winter Olympic Games and the implication and design concept of the mascot bing Dwen dwen of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Under the leadership of the teacher, the children made carefully, kneading, kneading, rubbing, pressing, cutting, creating different versions of “ice dun dun”.Time is not long, a simple and charming ice pier pier modeling on the show in front of everyone.You Hanya, a student, said, “This kind of activity is very meaningful. It not only makes me understand the meaning of Bing Dwen dwen, but also makes me practice my hands. I am very happy.”Student Lu Zhengyang said: “by hand color mud ice dun dun, cheer for the motherland winter Olympics athletes.”In order to let students understand the Winter Olympics, convey the Spirit of the Olympic Games, enrich the holiday life of students, xiangyang primary school use winter vacation time, carry out the winter Olympics mascot Bing Dwen dwen creation activities, let students express, show the support and joy of the Winter Olympics in a unique way.At the same time also let them exercise their imagination and creativity, truly achieve all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor.Xiangyang County primary school political education Office deputy director Wang Junfei said:”Our school organization part of the teachers and students and parents to represent clay handmade activities, in front of the school can not only improve the children’s hands-on ability, and winter Olympic Games mascots with ice mound mound, let the children proud of Beijing host the winter games in our country and pride, to cultivate the children since the childhood love of ice and snow sports, and cheer for the games athletes.”All media reporter: Lei Bin Responsible editor: Song Xin zhang Qian