Jiangling new energy marketing company vice President Wang Jinhua love to laugh very friendly promoted fast a few years ago

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As a well-known automobile enterprise in the industry, jiangling Automobile New energy automobile has witnessed the growth of many company executives while improving itself.Operator finance will reveal a veteran in jiangling new energy vehicles, she is jiangling Group new energy vehicle marketing Co., LTD., the current deputy general manager Of Wang Jinhua.JMC New Energy was founded in early 2015 and became the seventh company to obtain the production qualification of pure electric vehicles at the end of 2016. In September 2017, JMC passed the qualification admission of pure electric passenger vehicle production qualification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and obtained the new energy double license.Wang Jinhua is an approachable female executive who smiles most of the time, a departure from the aggressive style of most executives.Relevant information shows that Wang Jinhua jiangling new energy vehicle marketing company for many years, but she is also in recent years began to gradually into the public field of vision.Jiangling Group New Energy Vehicle Marketing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jiangling Group New energy Vehicles. Jiangling Group New energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. was only established for about 7 years, so it can be seen that its marketing co., Ltd. is relatively young, and it is located in nanchang Economic Development Zone, Jiangxi Province.It is understood that in 2016, Wang Jinhua’s external identity is jiangling Automobile marketing Company vice minister, she later in 2017 and 2018 respectively served as the deputy minister of sales department of Jiangling New energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. and jiangling Group new energy vehicle marketing Co., Ltd. deputy general manager.Until now, Wang Jinhua still serves as the vice president of Jiangling Group New energy Vehicle Marketing Co., LTD.However, wang Jinhua, who has held an important position for four years, is more visible in the media.At the same time, a large number of well-known senior personage in the industry attended the scene, which also shows that Wang Jinhua also has a certain status and reputation in the industry.However, when it comes to the sales volume of NEW energy vehicles of JIANGling Group, the market ranking is not high. According to Wang Jinhua himself, the annual sales volume of new energy of Jiangling Group accounted for 6.8% of the pure electric vehicle market in 2017, and 7.1% of the market in the first half of 2018.According to the sales data of December 2021 released by the Passenger Association, the sales volume of JIANGling E300 in December 2021 was 579.Yi’s sales volume is 423 this month, and the accumulative sales volume this year is 827. Jianglinghui’s total sales volume is 1002, and the accumulative sales volume this year is 4450.The delivery volume of Xiaopeng Automobile in December 2021 has reached 16,000 units.In January 2022, Ideal Vehicles delivered 12,268 Units of Ideal ONE, Nezha January sales: 11,009 units.This is also a test for Jiangling Group new energy vehicles and Wang Jinhua.