Let “ice ribbon” more dazzling, make communication without borders!Tianjin science and technology power shining Beijing Winter Olympics

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The Beijing Winter Olympics are in full swing.On the field, athletes write brilliant with hard work;Off the field, from infrastructure construction to smart service…Are inseparable from the strong support of scientific and technological innovation achievements.In this remarkable event of ice and snow, the enterprises of Tianjin Port Free Trade Area are also full of passion to contribute “scientific and technological strength” to the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The National Speed Skating Pavilion is the landmark venue of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the only newly built ice competition venue. It is also called the “Ice Ribbon”. When the 22 ribbons symbolizing speed and passion are lit up, the building amazed the world.No matter the equipment inside the stadium is running, or the exterior is shining, it is necessary to wire and cable.Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone Enterprise Nanyang Cable (Tianjin) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as:Tianjin nanyang) as the main supplier of the country’s oval wire, cable, the power light ribbon “ice” at the same time, enterprises are also the games village in Beijing and zhangjiakou winter games to entertain center to provide stable and reliable electrical wiring, high and low voltage cables and fireproof cables, and other products, the three projects using tianjin nanyang products nearly 1000 kilometres long.”The construction requirements of the National Speed Skating Hall are extremely high. The fireproof cables selected need to be burned for several hours, but they can still transmit electricity normally. The fireproof cable series products are the fist products of Tianjin Nanyang.Lin Jinpei, general manager of Tianjin Nanyang, introduced that the company is a large enterprise specializing in manufacturing special cables such as wire, power cable, wind power cable, fire cable and frequency conversion energy saving cable, with all kinds of advanced production equipment and testing equipment introduced from abroad and supporting at home.”Since winning the bid at the end of 2019, we have been working hard to ensure the supply of wire and cable products for the Venues and supporting buildings of the Winter Olympics. This bid is also the best affirmation of our products.”Lim jin-pei said firmly.Facilitate communication on and off the track barrier-free competition results in multiple languages, cross-border communication barrier-free, so that the visually impaired can “hear” words, so that the hearing impaired can “see” words…As the exclusive official supplier of automatic voice conversion and translation for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Iflytek Co.,Ltd. will provide automatic translation and related core technologies such as multilingual voice conversion, speech recognition and speech synthesis for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, helping to achieve barrier-free communication inside and outside the stadium.Tianjin Iflytek Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Iflytek), registered in tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, is the holding subsidiary of Iflytek Co.,Ltd. Its main product, Iflytek Intelligent recording pen, also showed its talents in this Winter Olympic Games.The product can be applied to media interview scenes of the Winter Olympic Games, realizing simultaneous translation and transcribing on the product screen while interviewing and recording. After the interview, it can be quickly shared and quickly organized into manuscripts.The products are also used in Olympic athletes, coaches) communication scenarios and the winter Olympics will press conferences, media communication scenarios, not only can make the athletes, coaches, barrier-free communication between different countries, but also through the intelligent recorder meeting record, real-time translation, etc., after the meeting to share, edit, save quickly.At the same time, the product can make the Winter Olympics documents electronic, through the recording pen OCR function can be converted from paper files into electronic files that can be edited, efficient and fast, can provide the hearing impaired audience with the broadcast of the venue real-time transcription text, convenient for the hearing impaired people to understand the event information in real time.In addition to the intelligent recording pen of Iflytek, Iflytek Co.,Ltd. ‘s multilingual automatic voice and language processing key technologies are everywhere in the scene of this Winter Olympic Games, guaranteeing the language communication between athletes, coaches, tourists and volunteers from different countries and regions in an all-round way.In the future, IFLYTEK will further promote the development of AI products and industrial applications, and continue to promote the construction of ai industry ecology.(Jo Young-yeon, Jinun News Reporter)