Pirates of the Caribbean series: Captain Jack Sparrow is not a pirate, but a magical adventurer

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Captain jack is absolutely phenomenal IP of legend, let the movie “pirates of the Caribbean” series continues to heat for 15 years, aggressively harvest at the box office worldwide, the vast sea, magic genie plus in the 17th century through the shadows, cooperate with jack sparrow pirates of the Caribbean adventure story, these elements are enough to attract the public curiosity,The plot of the series is simple, with some surprises and surprises.Walt Disney Studios couldn’t continue the saga after five episodes that had earned enough money at the box office.”There’s a fine line between crazy and great. They often go hand in hand.”When Captain Jack stood upright on the mast, he looked out to sea with determination and longing eyes.Captain jack is set, with such amazing landed from the appearance of the BGM, fencing, navigation technology are not very outstanding, thin, light pick some bookish look, if you don’t have repeatedly stressed that he is the captain, no one can identify his status as a pirate captain, is such a no boat and extreme fall forced the captain, has been in the drama dress up as pig to eat tiger.Captain Jack’s identity and ability has always been a big question mark, the global audience watching the film is particularly curious, one by one to decrypt the Easter egg, let us slowly understand the wonderful story behind Captain Jack.I remember the first episode of Captain Jack is very down and out, a pirate captain without a ship for more than ten years, has been wandering around the Caribbean coast, those helpless and painful days really do not know how to come, had to think whether to try his luck on the shore.Everyone knows he is the captain of famous pirate ship black pearl, leading to find the treasure of the dead island below, chief officer Barbosa is taking all crew to betray him, throw him a person on desert island.Because the treasure contains a box of cursed Aztec gold coins, the Black Pearl is cursed, and its crew becomes immortal, like a walking corpse.Anyway, Captain Jack has always had an awkward relationship with his ship, the Black Pearl.In fact, everything has to do with another scary pirate captain Davy Jones, in order to get the Black Pearl and evil pirates signed a blood deed of death.Behind the fountain of youth, Poseidon’s Trident, etc., very magical experience will appear.One thing is probably certain: the ability to play fast and loose in the Caribbean is almost unrivaled.In front of the pirates basically did not suffer a loss, even if eat a loss can find the field.Marbosa, who loved each other, had given him a lot of trouble, but he had never won.Two beautiful women (Elizabeth, Angelica) let him suffer a lot of losses, these two women’s body is too hot, and those beautiful mermaids, is a casual benefit for the audience.Captain Jack sparrow: “You’ve seen it all, you’ve done it all, you’ve survived. There must be some key, right?To survive?”Captain Teague: The point is not to live forever, Jack. The point is to live forever.This dialogue should be the survival of Captain Jack.Captain Jack has a very awkward identity, the role in the film is also very awkward, from the fourth episode began to be the leading man, the front is basically the background and soy sauce man.As in the first episode of the curse, all his crew were cursed to become immortal, and he was wandering, alone, in the male protagonist Turner and Elizabeth’s help, to untie the curse to return to the Black Pearl.The first two episodes lead the way for their love, even jumping into the jaws of a sea monster.In the third episode, Disney apparently saw that Captain Jack was too hot and decided to bring him back from the dead, and staged a rescue of Captain Jack.This shouldn’t be too much of a violation, except that Disney is a bit of a misstep, and if it weren’t for such a long time frame, the fifth film wouldn’t have stopped.From the fourth episode, Jack returns to the throne and begins his own adventure story, while the heroine is an old lover who has always been invisible. Their love story is not plain, but is overshadowed by the hidden love between a priest and a mermaid.Attractive middle-aged men have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to their physical appearance, only to be attracted by their stories and experiences.Every time I saw him running away on the beach, I could not help but laugh out loud.”Life is much more than survival. The real skill is learning to live always on your own.”Captain Jack’s legendary life suffered numerous disasters, but still yearning for the sea, yearning for freedom as always, this is his survival state, but also his life.Captain jack can get every pet, part comes from its unique character, free-spirited Bohemian and elegant pirates, greedy lewd and heavy feeling heavy righteousness, and occasional small mind, feeling like jin yong’s novels in “the deer and the cauldron” inspired, has continuously new adventure, time always can head off a danger in times of emergency.The other part is related to the prosperous pirate culture in Europe, especially the British Empire had a notorious black history of royal pirates. Pirates were prevalent in the 16th to 18th century, and was tacitly approved by Queen Elizabeth, who issued “privateering license” to pirates and gradually accumulated advantages by way of pirate plunder.The best pirate captains became national heroes.In fact, the pirate life is very dangerous, like dancing on the tip of a knife.Not such as Jack captain general gorgeous, 17th century navigation technology is not developed, a little accident may even bring the ship will be swallowed by the sea, those along the coast of the royal fleet is not welcome, robbery merchant ships are also desperately trying to make a living.Jack is not a pure pirate captain, there is no tyrannical, rigid temper, do not want to give up any crew, more did not go ashore to burn plunder, just some not hurt the elegant and witty deceptive bridge.More often is a happy adventurer, those countless treasures can make him extremely rich, but did not see a trace of wealth in the body.And those very dangerous adventures are always short of him, more time to turn to him, looking for treasure, fountain of youth, trident of trident, etc., are some of the tasks that can not be completed.”Pirates of the Caribbean is very suitable for together with the child, make a person dazzling adventure is very good, plus network provide convenient viewing TV channels, I brush and children during the Spring Festival, five also let the children to like this unusual pirates, is also reviewing the distant sea is filled with hope, there is the fabled treasure.