Too bad!Sun Long was sentenced to advance to the next round, Wang Meng was silent: I don’t really want to talk

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Beijing time on February 11th evening, Beijing Olympic men’s 500 m short track speed skating preliminaries, the Chinese team Wu Dajing, President of all, Sun Long three people play, finally after a contest, three people have qualification, but three different promotion way, Wu Dajing and all promotion group, and Sun Long is conceded a promotion.Sun Long was placed in group 7, and his opponents were Liu Shaoyang, Van t Woat and Bekkanov. The top two in the group went through directly. At the beginning of the race, Sun Long was in the top two, following Liu Shaoyang, but later in the race, Sun Long obviously lost his momentum and was overtaken by the Dutch player, and then he slipped and fell out in a turn.Sun was the last one to cross the finish line. Fortunately, the referee saw a replay and decided that Sun had been violated by the Dutchman, so he went straight to the next round.Sun Long advanced to the next round of the match, which was also a reward for his efforts, but the fans who watched the match all know that Sun Long’s strength is really not very average, this match Wang Meng and Huang Jianxiang continue to partner commentary, after Sun Long fell down, Huang Jianxiang asked Wang Meng what happened, Wang Meng said: I don’t really want to talk!This was the first feeling sun Long gave Wang Meng. Wang Meng didn’t want to talk directly, which showed her anger in her heart. It was the feeling of not being able to hold onto the wall.Earlier in the competition, Wang Meng criticized Sun Long’s poor performance, not to stall, not speeding, and later she called on everyone not to net violence, Sun Long is her former disciple, as a coach, just say!Now talk Wang Menglian, I don’t want to say, however, visible Sun Long brought her pain, really speechless, Sun Long want in international competitive, still need to work, and as the Olympics ended, short track speed skating talent will update faster, Sun Long if not good efforts, the future can enter the national team is a suspense.