What about Valieva’s failure to win a medal?Frequent error falls down, is the pressure big still intentionally pressure cent

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As the Beijing Winter Olympics continued, Serbakova won the gold medal in the women’s figure skating singles free skating event, while Trusova took silver and Hanori Sakamoto took bronze.While Serbakova and Trusova won the gold and silver, another Russian was also in the spotlight because Valieva failed to win a medal. I’ll tell you what happened.What about Valieva’s failure to win a medal?Frequent error falls down, be pressure big still intentionally pressure cent?Valieva had been considered the favorite to win after topping the short program with 82.16 points.However, in the final of women’s figure skating singles free skating, Valieva made frequent mistakes and fell down, and finally ranked fourth without a medal. This situation was also unexpected. No one expected that Valieva had put on the worst skating performance of the season in the first Winter Olympics in four years.At the same time, there was a lot of talk about valieva’s frequent errors and falls, which were nothing like the level of competition she had shown. Was she trying to pressure the points?As a top figure skater, valieva, only 15, had broken the world record nine times.While falling is certainly a possibility, it is unusual for a top athlete to stumble so frequently in a Winter Olympics every four years.Some may wonder, but don’t athletes enter the Winter Olympics with the goal of winning MEDALS?How could any athlete deliberately underscore at the Winter Olympics?All of this was justified by the fact that Valieva, who was embroiled in a drug test scandal, was given the chance to continue in the women’s figure skating final after a series of investigations.The IOC, however, has made it clear that there will be no medal ceremony for women’s figure skating if Valieva wins a gold, silver and bronze medal.There are two theories about valieva’s surprise medal failure.The first theory is that valieva was under too much pressure, that the drug test controversy took a toll on the 15-year-old, and that her negativity eventually got in the way of her performance, causing her to fall and miss MEDALS too often.The second theory is that Valieva deliberately lost the game in order to help her teammates, frequent mistakes and falls deliberately pressure points.With all the mistakes and falls, she still managed to finish fourth, just short of breaking into the top three, which is a sign of how formidable Valieva was.Others gave an example of valieva’s pressure when she jumped all around and fell short of height.It felt like I was deliberately trying not to do it perfectly for fear of getting a medal with a high score.After all, valieva could not hold an award ceremony if she won the medal. She may have been afraid of bringing trouble to her teammates Serbakova and Trusova, so she made so many mistakes to pressure the points.But if it is for her teammates, valieva’s sacrifice could well be her last Winter Olympics.The Russian figure skaters are changing so fast that valieva may not be seen in the next Winter Olympics, which is definitely a shame for valieva’s career!