Why is there a high proportion of asymptomatic infected persons in Shanghai

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Chen Erzhen interviewed by Dajiang East Studio.As the head of the medical treatment team at the Shanghai centralized isolation center, Chen Erzhen, who was the leader of the third batch of Medical teams from Shanghai to Hubei, is now the commander in chief of the temporary centralized isolation and treatment center at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Jiading Gymnasium, Chongming Changxing Island, Jiahe New Garden, World Expo exhibition center…This has been known as the “sharp knife long” he, to participate in Shanghai temporary centralized isolation and treatment site command work of the fifth station.This isolation site, with more than 15,000 designed beds, is the largest centralized isolation site in Shanghai.Medical workers from Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai 10th People’s Hospital, Shanghai Lung Hospital, Yueyang Hospital, Shanghai Yangpu Central Hospital, Longhua Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, Shuguang Hospital, Chest Hospital and Ent Hospital are fighting COVID-19 here.How will the infected be treated here?What is the meaning of centralized isolation?On the morning of April 1st, Dajiang East Studio exclusively interviewed Chen Erzhen, vice president of Ruijin Hospital, at the temporary centralized isolation and treatment point of the New International Expo Center in Pudong New Area.Dajiangdong: What is the current situation at the new International Expo Center?Erzhen Chen: We treated the first batch of patients on the evening of March 31, more than 1000 people in total, and it was relatively smooth.However, the site has a large area and a large number of staff, so there may be some infected people in it. We need to strengthen testing and screening. We have established corresponding emergency plans to ensure safety.Today, more than 3,000 beds have been laid out. Tomorrow, we will try to open 3 more pavilions and increase the number of beds by 4,500.Add two or three more the day after tomorrow.Hopefully, in three to five days, the whole site will be up and running.Oei: What is the diagnosis and treatment process for asymptomatic cases and mild cases?Erzhen Chen: All the people who are admitted to the centralized isolation sites have tested positive in the nucleic acid screening test. After they are settled in, nucleic acid tests are carried out on the second and third day. Once they turn negative and meet the discharge criteria, they will be discharged.For asymptomatic infected persons, data show that the process is typically seven to 10 days.Discharged from the hospital, returned home, community management.If there are symptoms, the disease can be prolonged, and we have strict treatment protocols to deal with changes in the condition.New International Expo Center temporary centralized isolation and treatment point.Ju Yunpeng, DAjiang Dong: The temperature is relatively low these days, and we noticed that the exhibition hall is also very empty. Will it affect the treatment?There are also some people who are afraid of moving into quarantine sites. What do you think?Chen Erzhen: The temperature of these two days is low. From the comfort point of view, it really can’t compare with home.There’s air conditioning, but it’s an airborne infection. We can’t turn it on.You can only add bedding.He also appealed to the public through the media to understand that if they are infected and need to stay in a centralized isolation center, they should bring more thick clothes.However, the current low temperature generally does not affect the condition of asymptomatic infected persons.The construction of the isolation point is in a race against time. It is inevitable that the conditions for living here are limited. It is not as comfortable as living at home.In addition to physical observation and treatment, we are also equipped with psychological doctors to relieve psychological pressure for everyone.Our medical team and staff understand their feelings and will do a good job in psychological counseling.The quarantine is temporary. As long as you cooperate with the government’s prevention and control strategy, you will be able to follow the prevention and control measures and will soon be able to return home and reunite with your family.Oe: Some of the infected patients admitted to the centralized isolation center said that they were not given medicine or tested for nucleic acid after checking in. Could you explain that?Erzhen: No problem.Currently, most of those living in centralized isolation centers are asymptomatic patients and some are mild patients with certain symptoms.After entering the hospital, we strictly followed the requirements of COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Trial Version 9), monitored the temperature and symptoms of asymptomatic infected persons, and appropriately treated them.For patients with symptoms, we have some drug treatment, especially for patients with underlying diseases, there are relevant plans and measures to ensure that the treatment can continue.Since the conditions of temporary isolation clinics are not comparable to those of regular hospitals, we have established a linkage mechanism.It is hoped to integrate the resources of the current public health clinical center, geriatrics Center, the northern section of Ruijin Hospital and the northern section of Huashan Hospital to achieve patient classification and hierarchical management.Concentrated isolation quantities is given priority to with asymptomatic infections were, once has serious, need more resources to support, we establish two-way linkage mechanism, the hospital of asymptomatic infections to here, to turn to the hospital for symptomatic or severe basic diseases, ensure that every patient can have very good medical treatment in this particular period, to ensure their safety of life,Improve the success rate of treatment.Truly embodies the concept of putting people first and life first.Dajiang Dong: you also rushed to wuhan as a team leader. Do you think there is any difference between the two wars?Chen Erzhen: The two “wars” were faced with respiratory infections. Compared with Wuhan at that time, Shanghai was better prepared and experienced.The scale of the epidemic is larger than that of Wuhan, but the severity of the disease is lower than that of Wuhan. The ba.2 mutant strain in Omicron has decreased virulence and increased transmiscibility, spreading rapidly, so there are more and more asymptomatic infected people, which increases the difficulty of our control and puts us under great pressure.At present, the treatment in Shanghai is relatively stable, and we will follow the principle of “collecting all receivable” and “separating as far as possible” as soon as possible.Daedong: According to the information disclosed so far, there has not been a case of severe illness in Shanghai. What should we think?Chen Erzhen: Whether it is severe depends mainly on whether the patient has respiratory failure, but also on some other indicators, such as the degree of organ affected.As the Novel Coronavirus continues to mutate, so does the toxicity.The early Novel coronavirus does not only affect respiratory function, but also causes impairment of other organs.From this omicron strain, mainly above respiratory symptoms, lung lesions are very few.As far as I’m concerned, there are no patients with severe respiratory failure.Of course, the characteristics of the population should also be taken into account. Elderly patients with reduced organ reserve function may become high-risk patients after being hit by COVID-19 and having reduced coping ability.We also have relevant plans for high-risk patients, so that we can make the problems more complex and serious so that we are prepared for them, even though preparedness may not be effective.That’s how we organize our resources.Oe: Many people have a question: why is the number of asymptomatic cases in Shanghai so much higher than in other places?Erzhen Chen: The diagnostic criteria in Shanghai and the whole country must be the same.There are several possible reasons for the high number of asymptomatic infections.First, active screening. Asymptomatic infected persons are usually found when they go to hospitals with symptoms. With the large-scale active screening in Shanghai, many asymptomatic infected persons will be found, and the proportion will surely be high.It should also be noted that in the past two days, the proportion of symptomatic patients in Shanghai has increased to nearly 10%.Mostly in controlled populations, mostly asymptomatic, now symptomatic.We are still strictly following the principle of “early detection, early isolation and early treatment”. Shanghai’s rapid action resulted in a high proportion of asymptomatic cases.Of course, it also depends on vaccination rates, the characteristics of the people infected and other factors.Oe: Is it possible that asymptomatic infected people will be quarantined at home in the future?Erzhen: There is a possibility.Depending on the development of the whole situation, if the quantity is too much, you can stay at home quarantine conditions.Of course, we need to cooperate with some measures of home control, and the most important thing is the compliance of individuals. Since home isolation is the norm, we should strictly control ourselves and do not go out. Personal protection measures should be taken properly, otherwise we cannot achieve the effect of blocking transmission.