Li Xiaopeng did not class, the successor has surfaced, the serious unpaid team with vivid

2022-05-20 0 By

After two consecutive defeats, The National football team lost all hope of qualifying for the World Cup, especially the 1-3 loss to Vietnam, which caused a lot of criticism from many fans on the background of the New Year’s Day. Many problems of Chinese football were raised again, such as the problems of youth training, fighting spirit and the ability of the head coach.According to the news of Beiqing Daily, the football Association chose Li Xiaopeng just for the future, and did not consider the immediate gains and losses. The current position was secure, but unexpectedly, the national football Team could really lose to Vietnam, and the pressure of public opinion increased. If it were not for the Spring Festival holiday, THE football Association would face a lot of media interviews.However, South Korean media news, The Chinese team may change again, the target is North head coach Kim Jong-fu.Though news has yet to be confirmed, but from the coaching ability, in the case of November 28 severe back pay, Jin Zhongfu took the team’s colorful, eventually ranked eighth in the league, to satisfy the fans, the key is personnel under the condition of extreme shortage, Jin Zhongfu can adjust measures to local conditions play a decent game content, this is very admirable.