Tesla’s price hike is not a problem.Wuling auto announced price increases, the situation may be very serious!

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Tesla price rises, BYD price rises, Xiaopeng price rises, Weima price rises, now, electric car the most entry level product, macro Mini wuling car also announced that the product will rise in price.On March 23, wuling official released about the new energy vehicle products price adjustment notice, because the battery raw material prices, wuling mini motor co. ‘s macro light new energy models such as product prices, different models according to the sales price will rise 4000 yuan to 8000 yuan, the new product price since March 24 full implementation.In fact, before Wuling Auto announced the price increase, Chery NEW Energy’s same model, Chery QQ ice cream has increased the product sales price, but the range did not reach 8,000 yuan so much.The price of battery materials has been on the rise since 2022, and has skyrocketed since March due to the Russia-Ukraine war.The sharp rise in the price of battery raw materials also directly leads to the increase in the production cost of new energy vehicles.As a result, Tesla has raised its prices twice in just one week since March.Following Tesla, byd, Ideal, Xiaopeng and Weima, the mainstream new energy vehicle brands in the Chinese market, have all started to raise the prices of their products.In fact, for the price of more than 200,000 models, the product price increase of about 10,000 yuan, this proportion for consumers, the impact seems to be small, because many models of promotion, often more than 10,000 yuan.Wuling and Chery adjusted the price of Hongguang Mini and QQ ice cream. Although the range may not exceed 10,000 yuan, the proportion of the model price is obviously much larger than that of Tesla and BYD.And buy macro mini and QQ ice cream groups, the most concerned is the product price.If wuling auto’s highest price adjustment standard is 8000 yuan, equivalent to more than 40,000 yuan of cars, the price increase is more than one-fifth, this range, it is estimated that this level of consumers, it is difficult to accept.That is to say, the same rise in raw materials, tesla and other high-end models, in fact, the overall market sales of new energy vehicles, will not have a great impact.Because of the price increase of the product, to some extent, for the consumer group at this price, the basic is acceptable.However, when the price rises of Wuling Hongguang MINI and Chery QQ ice cream models, it will not only directly affect the sales of models, because consumers in this price range are far more sensitive to price than Tesla and the ideal customer group.Moreover, the price increase of Wuling Hongguang MINI and Chery QQ ice cream will even affect the market end consumers’ cognition of the cost use of new energy vehicles.Although gasoline price rises a lot now, but an equivalent fuel cars and new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles sold at a higher price to many, if not in the north to guangzhou, and other brand of the big cities, in terms of cost, with the level model contrast, fuel car use cost is lower than the new energy vehicles, actually it’s just new energy vehicles have some policy of good.Then, when the rise of battery raw materials leads to a substantial increase in the price of entry-level new energy models, the use cost advantage of new energy vehicles will obviously be further reduced.Use cost advantage is not obvious, its product temptation, should be able to discount greatly.Therefore, the price increase of Tesla may not be a big problem for Tesla and the new energy vehicle industry, but wuling Automobile also increases its price. Whether it is wuling automobile or the new energy vehicle industry, the situation may be a little grim.What do you think?Interactive discussion is welcome.Lobular car gossip, an impromptu expression on the subject of cars.Pictures from the network, if any infringement, please contact to delete.