Grab a table!Zhengzhou has resumed in-house eating, and restaurants have been booked for three consecutive nights

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Top news · Henan Business Daily chief reporter Yang Guifang reporter Jin Aileen/article, picture can not restrain the mood, to the beloved restaurant call: open?Can I make a reservation?At the front desk of a mall restaurant, waiters and waitresses are busy — one person has to stand there and answer the phone.According to the situation of restaurants in different areas of Zhengzhou on 25th, some restaurants have resumed in-store food, some are still waiting for notice, and some are actively preparing goods for elimination and cleaning. People have different understanding on the resumption time of in-store food.All in all, the good news is that the restoration of restaurant restaurants will help to boost the confidence of both the public and the catering industry.After the resurgence of the epidemic and the flood, we are all looking forward to the future.Early in the morning of January 25, Gaoqun Shenghu spicy soup Is hong · Lanbao Bay store ushered in customers to the store.Hu spicy soup, oil cake, meat box… Tempting aroma on the long table unconsciously greeted customers favor, family guests, small lovers, friends in twos and threes, a spoon of Hu spicy soup down, suddenly feel the morning colorful fireworks up.Gao Qunsheng Hu Spicy soup Zhenghong Blue Fort Bay store manager Wang Nan, meet so busy in the morning let him very excited, to eleven o ‘clock at noon, he was still busy.”Suddenly the weight of my heart clears.”Wang nan described how she could not be completely happy with all the cost pressures in the store during the epidemic, but now things are different.’Delighted!He said.On January 24, Wang Nan saw the news that zhengzhou would resume in-store food one after another. The first thing he did was to assign his employees to do the work: cleaning, disinfection, sorting out the store items, and most importantly, stocking up more goods. They were busy for most of the night.Expecting a wave of customers on January 26, the store stocked 1.5 times the usual amount of ingredients.The staff in the store are also full of energy, because this wave of epidemic containment time for more than ten days, the store food and beverage can only be delivered, watching the store sales decline during the delivery, people are more or less depressed.”When the store runs well, the welfare of the employees is good, and everyone can have a happy New Year.”Wang Nan said that the news of the resumption of food let everyone see the hope, now only a few days from the Spring Festival, the store is expected to have a holiday on the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, full count only four days before the Spring Festival business, we still go all out to work, only looking forward to the Spring Festival return to do a big, the Year of the tiger smoothly dangdang.A thread sukiyaki is a fire all over the magic of the Internet celebrity cafeteria, sashimi, seafood, beef, sterile eggs, desserts, etc., deep tide people like.Zhou Gaowei, the head of zhenghongcheng store in Zhengzhou, sent a message to his employees immediately after seeing the news that the restaurant had resumed serving in the restaurant.On the morning of January 25, Zhou gaowei and his colleagues were busy buying food materials and delivering them to the store as soon as possible.Zhou gaowei said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, people are still very afraid.It was originally predicted that on the fourth and fifth day of the first lunar month, it would be good to resume eating in the house. Therefore, many employees went back to their hometown, and the temporary part-time employees recruited before the Spring Festival holiday also went back to their hometown.”In fact, we didn’t have much hope to open the restaurant again before the Spring Festival, but suddenly we said we would resume the in-store food, and the shortage of staff was very obvious.”Mr. Zhou said the plan is for the restaurant to serve customers at 50% capacity once in-house dining resumes, which should ease staffing levels a bit.Guo Gang, head of the Xi He Yayuan Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing, felt the customers’ enthusiasm for dining in the restaurant on the morning of January 25. The private rooms on the nights of January 25, 26 and 27 were all booked. The private rooms on the noon of the first day of the Chinese New Year were also fully booked.Since some of the employees had returned to their hometown, the staff in the store was only two-thirds of what it used to be.Guo gang said the staff in the store will overcome all difficulties to make it through the busy Spring Festival.Guo Gang said that January 25 is the most leisure time for citizens. After nucleic acid testing, they began to prepare for the New Year. The news of the resumption of in-house meals also made many people have the idea of going to restaurants and making plans for the following party.The xi he Yayuan Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing starts accepting reservations early before the Spring Festival, which is the peak time for group building and dining.But after the outbreak, the restaurant’s original private room reservation was quickly canceled.After the news came out, the restaurant invited professional companies to eliminate and clean overnight, and hurried to start procurement. When the night of January 24th approached 24:00, the staff were still busy processing dishes.”As soon as the customers come, they have to let everyone eat and serve.”Guo Gang said, time is tight and inventory is also tight, and some dishes are not ready, so we need to purchase as soon as possible.Zhou Gaowei, the general manager of Yishou Kiyaki, also told reporters that on the morning of January 25, he had received nearly 50 calls from customers asking whether they could come to the restaurant for dinner or make an appointment.A phone call made him anxious. “As soon as I can eat, I’ll open it.”On January 24, the information Office of Zhengzhou Municipal Government held the 30th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Zhengzhou to report the latest progress of COVID-19 prevention and control in zhengzhou.Conference pointed out that the epidemic prevention and control of zhengzhou city headquarters will be based on the analysis results of disease risk, as soon as possible to resume operation start to return to work, start with the closely related to the life place, industry, as planned, on January 25, gradually restore hair salon, library, cultural centers, museums, science and technology museum, theater, public baths, gym, swimming pool and other places open,The restaurant will resume in-house service at a time subject to the announcement.After the information was released, some places were waiting for further notice as to whether they would be open for serving, while others were already serving customers.At noon on January 25th, reporters from henan Business Daily, the top news, learned that restaurants in some areas have been resumed in succession.Is hong city, many restaurants are also preparing to open the door to welcome guests, orange restaurant, Chai Men rice, tea, iron plate temptation, yishukiyaki are in preparation, cleaning, materials, elimination, etc., in the shop staff.The crowd would always ask at the door, and the waiter had to say: Wait, give the store time to get ready.During the 14 days when restaurants were closed during the epidemic, the pressure of rent, manpower and the loss of dishes prepared before made restaurants feel deeply. Many restaurantsexpressed their hope that everything would go well and they could make up for the loss in the early stage.Guo Gang told henan Business Daily that after repeated outbreaks and floods in 2021, everyone is looking forward to a big fight and looking forward to the future.Can we make up those 14 days and get them back?Guo gang said: “A little suspense, pressure, but will go all out.”Zhou said the news of the resumption of school meals just before the Spring Festival shows the government’s confidence in epidemic prevention and control.This Spring Festival, many people will celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot. It is expected that there will be a wave of tourists for catering during the Spring Festival, and consumption momentum will improve.Xu Ziqing, manager of the Panu Maodu hot pot restaurant in Zhenghongcheng, said business losses cannot be made up in just a few days because consumers are still worried about the epidemic.As long as restaurant meals are restored, people’s consumer confidence will move forward.”We are ready to win customers with quality products and services as soon as they come.”(Editing by Wang Hongchun and Xiong Ziwen)