Thyroid nodules can be cured with a “puncture”

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A Woman from Wuhan, Surnamed Wang, began to snore when she slept at night, but her thyroid nodules were found to be the cause. She recently received microwave ablation of her thyroid gland, fulfilling her wish of treating thyroid nodules without surgery and medication.Microwave ablation of thyroid nodules, as a new minimally invasive surgery, is becoming a new option for patients, the reporter learned from the department of Thyroid and Breast surgery of Wuhan First Hospital on Thursday.Ms. Wang lives in Hanyang District, Wuhan City. In the past six months, she felt her neck getting thicker and fatter. It became more and more difficult to breathe when eating or lying flat.In order to find out the cause, Ms. Wang went to Wuhan First Hospital for treatment, thyroid ultrasound and other related examinations showed that she had multiple large thyroid nodules, which had obviously caused the compression of the surrounding trachea and esophagus, so she had the feeling of eating and breathing difficulties.In thyroid nodules puncture disease was clear for benign diseases, director of doctor Li Jiebao communicate with Ms. Wang detailed condition and operation scheme: wang thyroid nodule number, big volume and has resulted in obvious tracheoesophageal oppression and shift, such as her thyroid nodules, optimizing scheme for the surgical treatment, completely solve the problem.But surgery requires the removal of most of the thyroid tissue, which can lead to hypothyroidism, a lifelong replacement of thyroid function with medication.Ms. Wang could not accept lifelong medication, so Dr. Li jiebao chose microwave ablation of thyroid nodules as the next best thing for Ms. Wang’s concerns.A small needle eye on Ms. Wang’s neck disappeared after a few days, leaving no trace, because thyroid function was preserved and she did not need to take lifelong medication.Wuhan first hospital of doctor of vice director of a breast surgery Li Jiebao explanation, microwave ablation is a new type of thyroid surgery treatment, principle mainly through a comparison of ablation electrodes formed in the process of electromagnetic launch the microwave energy to lesions of heat treatment, a process that can be caused by microwave motion of water molecules further converted into heat energy,Then a controlled high temperature is formed at the target tissue to promote the rapid coagulation and necrosis of the patient’s pathological tissue, and the necrotic pathological tissue will be slowly absorbed by the body.”Microwave thyroid ablation has significant advantages, but there are also strict indications.”Li Jiebao said, general single-shot, benign thyroid nodules using microwave ablation has small surgical trauma, short operation time, quick recovery, thyroid function reserve is better, no lifelong medication, but multiple thyroid nodules or nodules larger after ablation recurrence, the recurrence risk, need to make a comprehensive combination of specialized subject doctor patient condition.In addition, thyroid cancer is still recommended for surgical treatment, such minimally invasive ablation is not the first choice.It is reported that wuhan First Hospital (Wuhan Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) has made efforts to build the service brand of “The warmest hospital in The River City” for three consecutive years with concept innovation, technology innovation, service innovation and management innovation, and achieved phased results.This year, the hospital will further strengthen patient demand-oriented and carry out the three-year promotion of “Warmest Hospital” to continuously improve patients’ medical experience.(Hubei Reporter Station, China Daily)