Two phone calls, I saw Shanghai under the epidemic helpless and moved

2022-05-21 0 By

The epidemic in Shanghai has not yet turned a corner. The daily increase has exceeded 10,000 for three consecutive days, with a trend of more than 20,000. These shocking figures are really worrying.Compared with other provinces affected by the epidemic, many netizens are disappointed with Shanghai this time, and there are many negative comments. However, the recording of the phone conversation between the secretary of Shanghai’s neighborhood Committee and residents, as well as the secretary of Shanghai’s neighborhood Committee and the nurse, which was posted online in the past two days, really brought me to tears.The neighborhood committee is the most basic government department, and the most direct and close contact with residents.In two phone calls, really felt the helplessness and helplessness of the secretary of the neighborhood committee, you think, a big man cry into that, how much pressure to bear.Faced with the problems of residents, they have too much bitterness, unable to get up and down, even if they have three heads and six arms, even if they work day and night, it is impossible to solve the problems of residents, it seems that other than nucleic acid, other measures can not be implemented.From the phone, I could hear that they really wanted to help residents solve the problem, but there was no way. Just as they said, the epidemic prevention system in Shanghai was in chaos. They could do nothing but report level by level, and they could only wait for the notification.Of the two calls, two things struck me the most.One is that the secretary of the neighborhood Committee says to the residents: little girl, you can still stay at home, I want to, but I can not help it, I only have a set of white than you, but I have to face hundreds of people every day, they may be positive, the risk of infection is very big.Who is not their parents’ children, who is not their parents, who is not someone else’s wife, who is not someone else’s husband, in the face of the epidemic, can only stick to their posts, can not escape.The other point was the conversation between the secretary of the District Committee and the nurse. He knew that the staff of the hospital was far from enough to meet the increased number of patients. He said that if you write the letter of commitment, I will let you out.Alas, his own rare can not do a little, he is still thinking about other people’s lives, sincerely admire.Some netizens said that the grassroots in Shanghai had given a satisfactory answer to the epidemic.In this silent war, every one of us should do a good job of protection and cooperate with every epidemic prevention action, and we will surely win the epidemic.Come on Shanghai.Go China.