Small incisions to cure people’s “pain is hard to block”

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Rednet moment Loudi On February 3 (Reporter Pan Jin correspondent Zhang Weilin) The Spring Festival, people have to return home for the New Year, the streets and lanes of people increased.For days, lengshuijiang city, loudi to break the “pain points” masses “difficult point” “plugging point” on the prominent position, for the urban traffic congestion, parking, illegal encroachments, freight car overrun overload, spilling drip and dust pollution, automobile exhaust pollution, etc. The problem of the masses feel strongly about, set up urban traffic congestion, vehicle exhaust pollution and safety regulation work headquarters,Relying on the centralized rectification of the work style of the city’s cadres, identify small incisions and carry out comprehensive rectification of “cleaning, blocking and removing pollution”.Since the implementation of centralized rectification, Lengshuijiang city added 1695 parking Spaces, 3 temporary parking lots, set up 4800 meters of isolation guardrail, clean up the occupied road 430, the pedestrian bridge was put into use several months in advance, the environmental air quality in the province’s ranking rose 11 places……To find out the “cause”, we can prescribe a “prescription”.Accurate “portrait”, rectification can have direction and center of gravity.In view of the demands of the masses, lengshuijiang City related renovation work headquarters repeatedly studied, sorted out and analyzed the problems found in the inspection feedback and supervision and inspection in recent years, and screened out 7 main lines. According to the idea of “point and surface, one problem and one standard, one stage and one promotion”,The Work Plan for Traffic Congestion, Automobile exhaust Pollution and Safety Problems in Lengshuijiang City was formulated, and six measures were formulated in a multi-channel manner, combined with dredge and blockage, and 45 remediation tasks were detailed and deployed.The circular on Mobilizing Party members and Cadres and State functionaries to actively participate in the Rectification Work and the Circular on Strengthening the Comprehensive Treatment of Prominent Urban Traffic Problems were issued, calling on party members and cadres and staff to do a good job in the classification and guidance of vehicles in rush hours.Municipal rectification work headquarters through special scheduling, squatting supervision, quick check and other ways to supervise the rectification situation.Establish weekly scheduling communication mechanism for specific problems.To speed up project construction, improve the whole smooth degree and security problems of city traffic, city renovation work headquarters to arrange five “casing supervision” team, high density to carry out the “tracking supervision” for project construction, in order to better supervision force, the sea-front supervise team will oversee every night a summary to the headquarters office form the sea-front supervision of letters,Activate the multiplier effect of “1+1>2”.In view of the problem that there is no order, there is more than prohibition, the city renovation work headquarters earnestly and seriously deal with with a firm attitude.”We will carry out the work point by point, stage by stage, for a long time to go, and make sure that prominent problems that the people complain about are solved one by one.”Lengshuijiang city renovation headquarters commander said that the next stage, the headquarters will promote the formation of long-term mechanism of measures, consolidate and expand the results of renovation, to remove the masses “pain point” “difficult” “blocking point” to continue efforts.