The village team of Baicheng Medical College visited the village before the Spring Festival

2022-05-22 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the village work team of Baicheng Medical College visited 230 households in Xinle Village, Fengyuan Town, Da ‘an city to carry out visits and solicitation activities before the Spring Festival.In each household, the village team first delivered gifts of condolence to the peasant households, introduced the measures for the benefit of the people guaranteed by the party Committee of the university to the peasant households, and delivered the care and blessing of the responsible persons to each poverty-stricken household.The villagers talked with the team in the village, said the personal words, have said, since the Baicheng medical college since the warranty, every Year to the New Year’s greetings, let us really feel the warranty unit’s love and care, mentioned baicheng medical college, big guys are recognized, big guys are grateful.During the visit, the team in the village carried out on-site inspection and detailed investigation of housing, drinking water, medical care and other security issues based on the work requirements of “no worries, no worries, no security” and prevention and monitoring of returning to poverty.We carried out in-depth research on and solved practical problems in households that receive basic social security benefits, subsistence allowances, people with disabilities, and people who have expenses for serious diseases. We actively implemented policies to help and assist them, coordinated all kinds of goods and materials, made sure that those who need to meet their basic needs are well protected, and carried out meticulous and solid monitoring work to prevent people from returning to poverty.At the same time, the working team in xinle village solicited opinions and suggestions from the villagers on the intention of industrial development in 2022, practical difficulties in life, and measures of insurance and assistance.The visits condolences, the school party committee attaches great importance to, project members held, allocating condolences funding, purchasing sympathy, through residency different teams will visit, helping person telephone pays a return visit, the village family production and living conditions for a great touch bottom, big screen, “heart-warming activities” effectively converted into compaction responsibility of endogenous power assistance packages,We will further strengthen communication and contact with rural households to bring rural revitalization to a new level.Jilin Daily production planning: Jiang Zhongxiao author: Chen Baolin Zhang Baojiang Pai editor: Yu Yue