What is obstinate sex hypertension?How to treat?2 habits to break from chronically high blood pressure

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Hypertension, as the most common metabolic disease, has relatively perfect treatment methods at present. Most of them need to be treated through lifelong medication and adjustment of daily living habits.However, because of the particularity of hypertension, different patients will have different treatment effects in the face of treatment. Some patients with hypertension will have their blood pressure stabilized soon after treatment, but some patients will find it difficult to lower their blood pressure no matter how they take medication.And this kind of symptom, also be called on medicine stubborn sex hypertension, stubborn sex hypertension, what kind of disease is this after all?Refractory hypertension, as the name implies, is a fairly stubborn type of hypertension, most of which is characterized by high blood pressure that is difficult to reduce by intervention.And patient of obstinate sex hypertension basically divides into two kinds: one kind is drug model obstinate hypertension.For example, some patients have an “adaptation” to common hypertension drugs, such as beta-blockers, which makes it harder for blood vessels to be controlled by human intervention, making it harder for blood pressure to fall.There is also a non – drug type stubborn hypertension.For example, obese people, long-term drinking and smoking people, such people’s vascular health itself is not very optimistic, even if the drug treatment, the effect of blood pressure reduction is not too obvious, also belongs to the category of stubborn hypertension.It can be seen that the treatment of refractory hypertension patients is more difficult than that of ordinary hypertension patients, but do not worry, this does not mean that such hypertension patients are “incurable”, there are also medical solutions.How should stubborn hypertension be treated?Since there are drug and non-drug types of persistent hypertension, there are two ways to deal with it.(1) For drug type.Most patients with stubborn hypertension will be tolerant to one or two hypertension components, resulting in drug use difficulties and high blood pressure.Therefore, in medicine, the combination of two or even three antihypertensive drugs is usually adopted to avoid the patient’s tolerance components, so as to achieve effective antihypertensive effect.② For non-drug type.Non-drug stubborn hypertension patients, most of the existence of some prerequisite symptoms or habits, such as alcoholism, smoking, obesity and so on, hinder the play of the drug effect, resulting in blood pressure reduction difficulties.Therefore, rehabilitation training is often arranged for patients with non-drug hypertension before treatment. For example, overweight patients have weight loss treatment, regular exercise needs, and appropriate alcohol withdrawal programs are developed for alcoholics.Stabilize the physical condition, and then apply antihypertensive drugs, refractory hypertension has the possibility of treatment likewise.In addition to the above, however, there is a relatively resistant hypertension patients with the crowd, some of the common hypertension patients, often in daily life, also found that the blood pressure fluctuate, high, the production of this kind of situation, most of the bad habits in our daily life, overcome as soon as possible, lest really turned into a more serious complication disease resistant hypertension and.Chronically high blood pressure in daily life?Might as well get rid of these 2 bad habits ———— the first bad habit: irregular medication irregular medication includes:Missing, forget clothing, dressing, and a series of wrong behavior, has mentioned above, each of the patients with high blood pressure condition, can be said to be “unique”, whether it’s drugs, or medication time, or the amount of medication, all have strict rules, once appear, not regular medication, blood pressure is likely to enter, which in turn leads to high.Rational and regular use of medicine, patience, can let us regain health.———— The second bad habit: Eating too greasy Many people with high blood pressure feel that salt should be limited in their diet.In fact, it is far from enough. If there is a habit of eating greasy food, which leads to excessive intake of daily oil, the blood will also become sticky, increase blood vessel pressure, and make it difficult to reduce blood pressure.Not only such, diet greasy still can bring about fat, fat also is one of the reasons that cause stubborn sex hypertension, try to prevent very important.To sum up, although resistant hypertension is relatively serious, but not no cure, through the way of life and adjustment of drug intake, often can have a good treatment effect, and in daily life, if long-term high blood pressure, but also from the habit of looking for problems, to overcome the error habit, can better keep healthy.[1] Luo Jun, Hou Liangping, Yan Chunbo.[2] Zhang JP, Zhang JP, Ren XC. Evaluation and treatment of refractory hypertension [J]. Progress in Cardiology, 2008, 29(4):6.Chinese Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2013, 28(6):3.