Ganquan: Our county Shimen town heping village picking garden melon fragrance happy life knock at the door

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Walking into Heping Village, Shimen Town, Ganquan County, rows of orderly solar greenhouse greenhouses are separated in the fields, shining in the sunshine.In the greenhouses of shen Yali’s house, the eyes are full of green, and each western melon has entered the ripe picking period, with a thick branch and vine climbing above.Mellow and full, a big sweet melon is pleasing, greenhouse inside a bumper harvest scene.Shen yali has planted more than 3,000 western melon seedlings this year, with a yield of more than 9,000 kilograms, which can be sold from now until June.Shenyali, farmer, Heping Village, Shimen Town, Ganquan County: We planted two cantaloupes this year. The cantaloupes are sweet and crisp. The price is not expensive this year.This year if the west melon sold out, MY shed the first crop is estimated to sell more than 20,000.Zhang Dongfang lives in Ganquan county, these two days while the spring just, specially and family drove to Shenyali greenhouses for picking.We talked and laughed in the shed, both experienced the fun of picking, but also tasted the fresh delicious melon, their own hand-picked melon, how to eat feel more sweet.Citizen Zhang Dongfang: The melon in Heping Village has always been well known. Every year at this time, we come to pick it with our family. The main reason is that it tastes good and is not far from the county.Heping Village of Shimen Town is located along Ganzhi Road. In recent years, relying on the tourism advantages of Ganquan Grand Canyon, heping Village has formed the characteristic industrial planting of west melon, small tomato and strawberry as the core.At present, the village has planted 8 greenhouses with various kinds of characteristic industries, with an annual output of more than 60,000 jin. In 2021, the net income per capita of characteristic industry planting will reach 20,000 yuan, which has become a “gold ingot” for villagers to increase their income and get rich.Wang Fu, first secretary of Heping Village, Shimen Town, Ganquan County: Originally, the leading industry of our village is greenhouse pepper planting. In recent years, driven by Shen Yali, the leader of the village industry to get rich, the village has transformed and developed leisure picking agriculture, mainly planting small melons, strawberries, small tomatoes, etc., with a good momentum of development.In the next step, our village will continue to increase investment in leisure picking agriculture, and actively mobilize villagers to gradually transform together to achieve common prosperity and help rural revitalization.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: