Haikou Branch of CITIC Bank ensures timely payment of migrant workers’ wages

2022-05-23 0 By

On The eve of New Year’s Eve, The Haikou Branch of CITIC Bank worked hard to ensure the timely payment of migrant workers’ wages.On January 31, The Haikou Branch of Citic Bank paid great attention to the demand for payment of migrant workers’ wages by a client of a construction company. The bank immediately negotiated with relevant departments and arranged colleagues in the accounting center to go to the branch from home to cooperate with the agency work. One of them went back to Haikou from Wenchang to assist.Finally, at 20:15 that night, all migrant workers’ wages were paid on behalf of the customer, and the customer’s “urgent need” was solved in time.This move was highly recognized by customers, who sighed that it solved the “life-saving problem”.Haikou Branch of CITIC Bank always sticks to the concept of “putting customers first” and still sticks to its posts at special moments to solve “urgent problems and worries” for customers. It practices its social responsibilities with practical actions and makes customers truly feel the unique brand charm of “Warmth” of Citic Bank.