Hekou District street: Gurgling water run farmland spring irrigation spring ploughing

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Dazhong · Poster news reporter Zheng Hao correspondent Li Huimin Dongying reported “Spring is coming, the beginning of farming.Chickens are not crowing, cultivators up “, now is the spring ploughing preparation season, in order to effectively ensure the street spring wheat green water, hekou district hekou street planning in advance, careful deployment, active action, solid spring irrigation management work, to wheat “thirst”.”Before spring irrigation, we have organized relevant machinery and manpower to ensure facilities and river dredging work, to ensure that every mu of farmland can be irrigated with Yellow River water during spring irrigation.”According to street ShuiLiZhan adsense Ding Chunguo estuary estuary, in order to ensure the farmland need spring, led by street ShuiLiZhan, organize villages to arrange personnel to irrigation and water conservancy facilities in advance to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, dredging main canal and lateral canal, the comprehensive screening on the problems such as leakage, on the river gate operation for maintenance, to manage the registration problem at the same time, set up relevant parameter.At present, the street pipe pump station has been put into use, effectively ensure the efficiency of spring irrigation, to provide a strong guarantee for spring agricultural production.During the spring irrigation period, hekou district hekou street actively do a good job in water dispatching, strengthen the publicity of water saving, guide the masses to use water scientifically.The spring irrigation supervision group was established to track the progress and difficulties of spring irrigation in each village in real time. According to the distribution of land plots and water sources, the water use plan was formulated, and the orderly use of water pumps and water intake between villages were coordinated to ensure the steady progress of spring irrigation.Up to now, hekou District hekou Street has attracted about 250,000 square meters of water storage, has completed the irrigation area of nearly 5,000 mu.Next, Hekou District hekou Street will actively allocate and reserve fertilizer, agricultural film, seeds and other materials, organize the agricultural comprehensive station and other relevant departments to carry out special inspection of grain seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, mulching film and other agricultural materials sales points within the jurisdiction, strictly check fake and shoddy agricultural materials, and further standardize the order of agricultural materials market.Organize agricultural technicians to go deep into the fields, guide farmers in agricultural production, teach planting techniques, and effectively help spring farming production.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com