My father had always been thrifty. After his death, he realized that his father had been helping children in mountainous areas realize their dreams

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When I got married, my father bought me a car costing 150,000 yuan. I spent 100,000 yuan on it myself. How could he have no money after years of frugality?Three days ago, as I was sorting through my father’s belongings, I opened the perpetually locked drawer in his study and was stunned to see the contents. The truth about my father’s frugality was revealed.My father is Zhang Fengyuan, he is only 59 years old this year, is a senior high school teacher, my mother is an art teacher, our family is also a scholar!I should inherit the mantle of my parents and become a teacher, but I prefer to work in a big city, so I stayed in a company in the provincial capital after graduating from college. My father was not satisfied with my work.Three years ago, father’s birthday!I went home from the provincial capital to buy gifts with my mother and father. But after a long time of shopping, my father refused to buy anything.So, I booked two tickets for him to Fly to Sanya, hoping that he would take my mother to travel, but unexpectedly my father returned the tickets!His mother often shook her head and sighed at his obstinacy, but he and they were cordial and appreciated each other’s merits.Later, I bought two new suits for my father in the mall, but after I left for work, he took them back!In the face of her father’s frugality, my mother’s opinion was very strong, but she was happy and did not want to quarrel. When she was in a bad mood, she kept painting and never cared about the savings at home.No bad habits!A year ago, when I got married, my mother asked my father to buy me a car of 150,000 yuan. I thought my father must be rich after saving his salary for many years. Who knew that my father avoided my mother and told me that he only had 50000 yuan in his hand, I couldn’t believe it.And angry at my father for being so cheap!I’m his only daughter!Did he want to leave the money to others, but I was afraid of mother know and father angry, so I put the teeth to the private money to father 100,000 yuan, this thing in the end I did not let my mother know.A week ago, my father suddenly had an acute heart attack in the middle of the night, and my mother hurriedly sent him to the hospital. My husband and I received a phone call and rushed back to the hospital late. I did not see my father at the last time.Mother can not accept, arrange the father’s affairs, the mother fell ill!I asked my husband to go home first, and I will take my mother with me when she recovers from illness. Mother has retired for two years, and I don’t trust her to live alone at home.Three days ago, I sorted out my father’s belongings. There was a desk in my father’s study. There was a drawer under the desk that was locked all the year round.I took the father’s key to the study, opened the locked drawer, see the things inside I was stunned, the original is the father perennial thrifty reasons, a drawer of people awards and letters, I am very strange!Now mobile phone wechat is more convenient who still write, so I took out a letter to see.I was taken aback at the sight!I ended up reading a bunch of letters.All the tuition fees and living expenses written above received a letter of thanks, awards and letters on the signature are called Qin Dashan.There were also several thank-you notes from the children, some of which my father sent each semester.It turned out that my father had funded a poor student in the mountains many years ago, and that student later returned to his hometown as a teacher after graduating from college. Where the signal was not good and it was very inconvenient to contact the outside world, so I decided to meet this Qin Dashan. What is his relationship with his father?The day before yesterday at seven o ‘clock in the morning, I asked a neighbor aunt to take care of my mother, according to the address written on the letter set out, and then, after several changes of bus at five o ‘clock in the afternoon to arrive in the village of Qinshan mountain.I asked a villager, the aunt was very enthusiastic to take me to Qin Dashan’s home, I was shocked by the situation in Qin Dashan’s home!His father walked very hard and was disabled, but he kept the house very clean. His father said, “My son will soon be out of school. Please sit in the room for a while.Not long, Qin Dashanli came back, he saw me stunned!I softly say: Qin Dashan, do you know Zhang Fengyuan?Qin Dashan say: know!Mr. Zhang is our great benefactor. What’s wrong with him?May I ask who you are?With tears in my eyes, I said, This is my father, and I came to tell you that he died of a heart attack a few days ago.Qin Dashan listen to this news, he instant collapse of cry say: zhang teacher so many years!I keep saying I’m going to see him, but he won’t let me.This year we can all agree, after he retired, I will pick him up and aunt to play here, how he suddenly walked away?I didn’t even see him one last time.At this time, Qin Dashan’s father shed tears and said: Your father is a great benefactor of our family!Without his support all these years, my son would not have been able to realize his dreams and educate the children here.18 years ago, I took my son to pick up in your that city waste, at that time, my son stood staring blankly at the school gate, often have a pick up at the school gate mineral water met your father, when he asked how don’t go to school, my son later learned that my son has felt bad after dropping out of school, and he advised me to take his son home to go to school, you will support my son’s dream.After graduation, I insisted on returning to my hometown to teach. After Mr. Zhang knew this, he would send learning materials to the school every semester. I often encourage more mountain children to study hard and go out of the mountain to realize their dreams.Now I understand why my father was so frugal.It turned out that he had been helping a mountain child realize his dream for many years. I was so proud of my father.Thanks for sharing Zhang Fengyuan is a kind of good teacher, he saved the da-shan qin, let him from a promising young children grow to have dreams, Zhang Fengyuan this kind of selfless dedication, straight to everybody to learn, he is willing to ordinary a good frame of mind, a teacher by worthy example big boundless love, hope da-shan qin can put this spirit inheritance forever,I wish there would be more people like Zhang Fengyuan who are caring and have positive energy.