Official: Public health rating below 60 points will deduct all basic performance

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Public health funds are the main source of income for village doctors.According to the regulations of the state, village clinics undertake about 40% of the work tasks, accept the assessment, and give corresponding subsidies.Therefore, the annual assessment of public health projects has become a major concern of village doctors, after all, it is related to the “pocket of money” of village doctors.Recently, tianjin Municipal Health Commission, Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau and Tianjin Disabled Persons’ Federation jointly carried out the 2021 performance evaluation of the city’s basic public health Service Project, and issued the Notice on the 2021 Performance Evaluation Plan of Basic Public Health Service Project (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), putting forward clear requirements for the assessment and evaluation of public health projects.It is worth noting that the plan proposes that all underlying performance will be deducted for those who test below 60 points.At present, the assessment and allocation of public health services in various regions are under the authority of health centers, which act as both athletes and referees.In the absence of effective supervision of public health programs, it is possible that rural doctors do public health work without receiving public health funds.In this regard, Tianjin for different projects, commissioned a professional department or organization to carry out assessment.With the supervision of the third party, we can ensure the transparency of public health assessment and the reasonable distribution of public health funds.(I) The Municipal Basic Public Health Service Quality Control Center shall be entrusted to evaluate the organization and management of each district in 2021 and the electronic materials submitted by some projects, and arrange experts for on-site verification of organization and management and fund management according to the situation.(II) For part of the project implementation, two grassroots medical and health institutions were randomly selected as the unit of the district, and the project was evaluated based on authenticity through overall random sampling of the population and telephone interview survey. Meanwhile, the Municipal Basic Public Health Service Quality Control Center was entrusted to arrange experts for on-site review.(3) The awareness rate and satisfaction evaluation of basic public health service items and family doctor contracted service, and the investigation on the management effect of hypertension and diabetes patients shall be independently conducted by a third party entrusted by the Municipal Health Commission.Generally speaking, the performance of basic public health services is divided into basic performance and incentive performance.According to the provisions of “tianjin basic public health service subsidy funds management measures”, the allocation of funds for performance factors shall not be less than 5% of municipal subsidy funds in principle, and the results shall be applied in the following ways :(1) basic performance.The amount of basic performance funds for each district is 100% of the amount of performance funds drawn by the municipal government from each district.1. 100% of the performance fund will be paid to the top ten districts;2. Basic performance of the six awarded after the score = performance evaluation result /100 points × amount of basic performance fund.3. If the performance evaluation result is below 60 points, all basic performance funds will be deducted.The basic performance funds deducted above shall be uniformly included in the amount of reward performance funds.(2) Reward for performance.The amount of reward performance fund is the sum of deduction of basic performance amount.Each district will be awarded performance funds based on the proportion of its resident population in the total population of the top six districts.In other words, the bottom six of the performance evaluation deducted all the basic performance, and did not reward performance.All deductions will go to the top six winners.The evaluation of these basic public health service items adopts the hundred-mark system, with 19 indicators including 62 sub-items, all of which are the focus of the daily work tasks of primary medical institutions.Village doctors are mainly responsible for health records, vaccination, chronic disease management, health management of special groups, etc.Among them, vaccination accounted for 13 points and was the core of the evaluation.Health management services for the elderly, patients with high blood pressure, and patients with diabetes were also highlighted with scores of 9 or above.At the same time, the score of each small indicator is set from 0.5 to 4 points. It seems that the score is not high, but accumulated, it will affect the overall performance score, so it has to be paid attention to.The evaluation objects of this assessment include urban community health service centers (stations), rural township health centers, village clinics and other relevant institutions that undertake basic public health service projects.A score of less than 60 means a failing public health assessment and the loss of all performance incentives.It remains to be seen whether this policy will motivate public health workers.