The senior head teacher revealed that the primary school year is crucial and requires parents to pay more energy

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Guide language: with the progress and development of the whole society, the educational level of the whole people are in the promotion, 8090 after the small time, as if it is not easy to take an examination of the university, but the contemporary students have graduated from the university is a very normal thing, and even a lot of college students after graduation employment is not easy.What more is the students who have not been admitted to university?So parents attach great importance to the education of students.From the moment students enter primary school, parents expect students to excel in their studies and stay at the top.However, many times those students are just “other people’s children”.Senior class teacher revealed that the primary school year is crucial, parents need to pay more time and energy to contemporary students’ primary school stage, more and more attention by parents.This is partly because parents understand that elementary school is the foundation for middle and high schools.So which year of primary school is more important?Primary school students in the first and second grade stage, the most relaxed and the most simple, so more convenient for students to carry out the transition from young to small.In particular, the implementation and implementation of the “double reduction” policy, primary and secondary students do not have paper and pen homework, learning has become more relaxed.However, from the beginning of the third grade, there is a sudden increase in pen-and-paper homework, knowledge becomes difficult, academic pressure becomes greater, and students’ future results will be determined in this year.If students are able to adapt and keep up with their learning, elementary school learning is on the right track.In this way, students can study more smoothly in the next four, five and six years.A lot of parents actually understand that the results of grade one or two are “deceptive”, so parents if they feel that students in grade one or two have excellent academic performance, must not be taken lightly.Parents do not think that students into the third grade means growth, in fact, the third grade students need parents to pay more time and energy to help students learn, help students to answer questions, more smoothly into the next stage of learning.The primary school stage not only needs parents to pay attention to the academic performance, but also many aspects are also very important. Many contemporary parents think that “hope their children become successful” and “hope their girls become successful” so they pay too much attention to the students’ performance, so they ignore the education of many other aspects of the students.In my opinion, the primary school stage is an important time for all-round education because the curriculum is not so intense and the students are young.In addition to the knowledge learned in school, aesthetic education should also be on the stage of history.On the one hand, the aesthetic education subject will be included in the high school entrance examination, which is also a part of the examination of students. On the other hand, the future society will need high-quality talents with all-round development.Students in primary school, it is the time to establish a good learning attitude and three views, perhaps students are still young do not understand what is three views, but teach students to have a positive and vision of life attitude, to people and things to be kind, to be positive energy.These are the kinds of education parents must give their students.In addition, the most important education is the awareness of self-protection. Students may not have the ability to protect themselves in primary school, but it does not mean that they will not meet bad people, so the ability in this aspect is very important.Parents need to carry out different self-protection training according to the personality of students.Contemporary primary school students “people are big”, parents and “vague” “silent” not as outspoken parents do not think that pupils are still young, on some of the problems of the students vague, or about him.The more parents do this, the more curious the students may become. Instead, the parents should be outspoken and choose a way to answer the students’ questions in a way that the students can understand.Due to the development of science and technology, in fact, contemporary primary school students know, with the traditional 8090 after childhood, is simply not the same.So when parents educate students, they should not only teach students according to their aptitude, but also be flexible according to different situations.As for primary school students’ learning, the author always believes that parents had better be able to set an example and take students to feel the fun of learning.Parents who love reading books and parents who love playing mobile games bring out different students.The author’s message: primary school students, parents need to pay more time and energy to education and influence, I believe that all the pay will eventually bring returns, parents pay can see the results on the students.Every parent who values education must hope that students can achieve academic success, so how can there be results without efforts?It is hoped that parents can learn a more scientific way of education and adopt different ways according to the different characters of students.I also hope that the students can be successful in their studies, healthy and happy.Finally, I wish all the students of the motherland a smooth admission, and walk into their own “Eden” through their own efforts in the future.Having said that, what do you think about primary school education?Welcome to comment and share your opinion. 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