Chu Shijian, ashamed of his daughter’s death, wanted to give the property to his granddaughter, but his wife insisted on a bowl of water

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Please click “follow” above before reading, thank you for your support, I hope to bring you a good reading experience, and share the happiness of reading with you!I will bring you more wonderful stories in the future!January 17, 2018 in yuxi city, yunnan province, chu orange manor, “chu orange founder” ChuShiJian announced at the 90 – year – old birthday party ChuShi ChuYiBin son family heir, and announced the yunnan ChuShi fruit industry co., LTD. Was set up, son ChuYiBin became the general manager of the company, ChuShiJian served as the President of the company,This means that the controversy over the successor of Chu Orange has finally been settled.Before that, ChuShi family because of the successor problem, caused many disputes, previously, “the founder of the” chu orange ChuShiJian tend to own granddaughter escape and his grandson son-in-law Li Yaxin book, and his wife ms Ma Jingfen is have their own ideas, that is a bowl of water, hope son ChuYiBin industry can also participate in the management of family things.Therefore, Ms. Ma Jingfen and her husband, Chu Shijian, often argued over this issue at the dinner table. Fortunately, Chu Shijian finally compromised to Ms. Ma Jingfen, and finally let his son participate in the management of the family business, and eventually became the heir of the Chu family.Chu yibin had been in charge of the development of the Longling land in Baoshan area when he was not confirmed as the successor. In the ten thousand mu of land he was in charge of, he took his own group to improve the land and adjust the soil, ready to plant oranges, apples and other fruits.However, it was by no means easy for Chu yibin. He had been engaged in the financial industry abroad before, and the transition of roles once made chu feel many difficulties.However, although he encountered unprecedented pressure at work, chu Yibin’s biggest gain was to get to know his father Chu Shijian again.In ChuYiBin when he was young, my father ChuShiJian has been established, for ChuYiBin at that time, my father’s god’s truth, honor and status in the later said father to orchard, ChuYiBin was meant to think of having a 350 mu calculate, from the bottom of my heart also thinks his father ChuShiJian just to play time with planting oranges.But by the time ChuYiBin came to his father’s side, he was blindsided, did not expect my father ChuShiJian unexpectedly so big, the development rate of orchard entirely beyond his imagination, to see his father, in this age can also will be a thing perfectly, ChuYiBin inner world by touch, so he determined to return home to help his father, and career development.And ChuShiJian granddaughter as escape and his grandson son-in-law Li Yaxin came to chu orange planting base, have been responsible for the sales work of chu orange, two couples begin from 2008, a city built up a network of sales, to some extent, is the granddaughter of the escape and his grandson son-in-law Li Yaxin chu orange this book brand truly established.In addition to the sales work, the two couples also shoulder the burden of desert sand orchard base management, the two couples have no contact with agriculture, for agricultural planting this piece of understanding, relatively lack of, so Chu Shijian on his own, with the two couples to work in the field, understand the planting process.Under the guidance of Chu Shijian, his granddaughter Ren Shuyi and her grandson’s son-in-law Li Yaxin shared many ideas with Chu shijian, especially li Yaxin, who was very similar to Chu shijian in character. He was very reserved and calm, and believed that agricultural products were the most important.Therefore, Chu Shijian was very appreciative of his granddaughter Ren Shuyi and her grandson’s son-in-law Li Yaxin. He had said many times in front of his employees that ren Shuyi and her grandson’s son-in-law Li Yaxin were very compatible with him. They both understood what I did.When a curious reporter asked Chu shijian about his successor, chu shijian, the “founder of Chu Cheng”, answered with a smile, “They managed each other. It was a test for them. The one who did well would take over the post later.”But this sentence is just Chu Shijian “on the scene” words, and not his heart “words from the heart”, his successor in the heart more inclined to granddaughter Ren Shuyi and her grandson son-in-law Li Yaxin two people.We all know ChuYingQun ChuShiJian daughter, also is the granddaughter of books from mother, because in more than 20 years ago, involved in the case of ChuShiJian, follow-up in henan prison suicide, the granddaughter of books from lost her mother, has been in foster care in others home, also makes the ChuShiJian didn’t have a chance to make up for his former fault, take good care of daughter ChuYingQun children.By 2008 – year – old entrepreneurial ChuShiJian met the most crisis time in the entrepreneurial process, granddaughter books from known to this situation, he took her husband Li Yaxin came to the old chu, help ChuShiJian docking and operation chu orange planting base, made a necessary contribution to the development of chu orange.As the only son of Chu Shijian, the relationship between Chu Yibin and His father was tense. After he graduated from university, Chu Left Yunnan, got married and had children quickly, and lived his own life without any intersection with his father.After leaving Yunnan, Chu Yibin went abroad for further study after his marriage, and later stayed in Singapore to engage in finance and trade. He always wanted to get rid of the “title” of being the son of chu Shijian, the king of tobacco.At the end of 2012, chu shijian called his only son Chu Yibin, who lived in Singapore, hoping that he could give up his job abroad and return to Yunnan to help him grow oranges.At first, Chu Yibin was very hesitant. After all, when he left Yunnan, he had parted with his father in bad terms. Now his father asked him to go back.In the end, family love overcame obsession, and Chu returned to Yunnan to help his father grow oranges.After coming to his father’s side, Chu yibin also had to start anew. He started from the very beginning as a new farmer. Although it was very difficult, his efforts always paid off.As the father of Chu Shijian see Chu Yibin’s change, is very pleased, but chu as a family business, with the return of Chu Yibin, it is necessary to consider all kinds of interest levels of things, especially the successor of the Chu family, which suddenly became a headache for the business tycoon Chu Shijian.As early as 2010, Chu Shijian told visiting reporters that he wanted his granddaughter Ren Shuyi and her son-in-law Li Yaxin to become successors to the Chu family.But in 2018, Chu shijian changed his mind and wanted his only son, Chu Yibin, to take over as the successor of the family.ChuShiJian change idea, wife Ma Jingfen in the face of reporters, says the reason, Ma Jingfen, says ms ChuShiJian change, because of their involvement in this matter, she once because of this, at the dinner table with ChuShiJian red in the face and noisy mouth, Ma Jingfen meaning is clear, is hope ChuShiJian to a bowl of water,Let son Chu Yibin and granddaughter Ren Shuyi two people fair competition, the ability to live.Finally, Chu yibin won out and became the legitimate winner of the chu family, and Ma Jingfen openly admitted that she had offended her granddaughter Ren Shuyi and her family by doing so, but as the elder of the family, she had to do so because she had so many things to think about.On March 5, 2019, the “Orange King” Chu Shijian died of illness in Yuxi, Yunnan province, at the age of 91. At his memorial service, Chu Yibin talked about his father in this way: “My father Chu Shijian was a strong man in life. He was not controlled by weak emotions and always faced challenges with a tough attitude.His wife, Ma Jingfen, said that Chu shijian was not only her husband but also her teacher. He taught her a lot in life and career, and she not only loved and respected him.Although ChuYiBin became ChuShi the helm of the family but ChuShi family inheritance is not a person by his inheritance, mother Ma Jingfen lady, as well as any books from the niece in ChuShi family owns a stake, between and among all have their own industry and the orchard, cooperate with each other last ChuShiJian business philosophy, to make the brand “chu orange” bigger, stronger, doing well.Ma Jingfen, chu shijian’s wife, said to the reporter, “Please rest assured that every member of our family will cultivate themselves and make efforts to inherit chu’s entrepreneurial spirit.”At the same time, ms Ma Jingfen has reached age, she now is more of a passing down later ChuShiJian spirit and morale, upon ChuShiJian, so-called industry, wealth is can touch, you can calculate, his spirit and ideas, as well as the way of doing things, is the real jewel of great price, the real inheritance.