Hard to get!”Meet Xiu Rong”, a humanistic experience drama in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province, was a hit at the box office during the Spring Festival holiday

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“Meet Xiu Rong” was a hit at the box office during the Spring Festival. It was hard to get a ticket, and many audiences missed the performance because they did not make reservations in advance.At 12:30 p.m. on the third day of the Chinese New Year, half an hour before the first performance of the day, the xiurong Theater was already crowded with tourists who came to watch the performance.According to statistics, “Meet show rong” during the Spring Festival field sold out, continue to ignite xinzhou ancient city holiday season.As joint by shanxi literature brigade group of xinzhou city scenic spot pour immersive experience of humanities, the meeting show, let the use of advanced technology means and form of innovation, to play in the image of the scene, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, audio and visual senses, performing arts performance, product implementation of new artistic experience breakthrough, estrogen tells the story of the ancient city,Review xinzhou children’s ambition cast rehabilitation road fighting spirit.The audience’s only comments and feelings on “Meet Xiu Rong” are wonderful shock, exclamation and farewell.To ensure safety and epidemic prevention and meet the demand for performances, “Meet Xiu Rong” was increased to five performances on the third day of the lunar New Year.Some of the shows are sold out in advance, please purchase tickets in advance.Normalized epidemic prevention and control and bring to the audience during the Spring Festival better play experience as well as to ensure the safety of the audience’s body, the Spring Festival on the eve of the meeting show let theater implemented for servicing, staff carefully for lighting, audio equipment debugging, such as the theater sites, lines and equipment safety checks, full of nucleic acid detection, staffs implement closed rehearsals.An intelligent human body temperature measuring device was installed at the ticket gate of the theater.Before entering the stadium, the staff carried out “double-code verification” for each audience, set up corresponding warning signs for epidemic prevention and control, and provided hand lotion and customized masks.To ensure that all visitors to the ancient city can enjoy the show in peace.