Stay up late in the festival party, please accept this health guide “Pudong doctor words health”

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The skin is easy allergic agnail, what thing must “avoid food”?Constipation what to eat after all can defecate?Lumbar intervertebral disc protruded how to do…In our daily life, there are always “little doubts” about health and keeping in good health. Various sayings and folk remedies are flying everywhere. Which one should we believe?Don’t worry, Small cloth opened “Pudong doctors talk health” column, invite experts and doctors from pudong new Area hospitals to bring you professional health and health knowledge, let’s have a look!During the Spring Festival, people stay up late, watch TV shows, play games and eat midnight snacks.With so many programs arranged, the late night party members must want to turn 24 hours into 48 hours every day. Staying up late at night is not good for your health, and staying up late is very bad for your health.Follow Dr. Feng Wen of Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital to unlock this “health guide”, and collect it well!From the point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine, the day belongs to Yang, and you should exercise more, while the night belongs to Yin, and you should rest.Stay up late for a long time, resulting in imbalance of Yin and Yang.Staying up late for a long time will disrupt the normal physiological cycle and the balance of the body clock, making people tired, depressed, and weakened resistance, which will lead to memory loss, poor concentration and slow reaction.Staying up late will also destroy the normal circulation of human endocrine and nervous system, so that the skin appears dry, acne, chloasma and other problems.The body for a long time without rest is also prone to oral ulcer, constipation, bad breath and other symptoms.Staying up late makes the body tired at the same time, the mood is easy to be agitated, character becomes poor.In addition, for a long time to brush mobile phones, electronic products, such as eye pain, dry, decreased vision and other problems, so the harm of staying up late is very great.How to avoid staying up late the harm that causes to the body?The most important thing is to form a good habit of work and rest, cherish life and stay away from staying up late.Here, Dr. Feng also tells you some tips for keeping in good health, so that you can be energetic and refreshed after staying up late occasionally.01 Give up the habit of eating midnight snack “stomach disharmony, lying restlessly”, the holiday party is inevitable to eat too much, eating too late affects sleep and gastrointestinal metabolism, will also lead to morning skin edema.People are advised to eat regularly during the holidays and avoid eating after 8pm.02 Proper amount of exercise in the daytime During the festival do not maintain “zero steps”, do some aerobic exercise suitable for their own training intensity during the day, promote metabolism, enhance cardiopulmonary function.Take a hot bath or soak your feet before going to bed to relieve body fatigue, but also to help you sleep, so that you don’t have enough sleep, get more deep sleep time.04 Traditional Chinese medicine health tea drink usually can use wolfberry, chrysanthemum, lily, ophiopogon, mulberry and so on to do some health tea to take, have the effect of liver, eyes, god to help sleep.05 often acupoint massage Daily stay up party can often massage Sanyin jiao, Taichong point, Hegu point, Shenmen point, 5-10 minutes each time, to soothe the liver, relieve depression, calm the mind.Text: Li Li feng Wen editor: Li Zhihao * reprinted please indicate from Pudong release official wechat