Unable to influence the Chinese market!Smic’s revenue bucked the trend and the White House resents the failure of its long arm

2022-05-24 0 By

According to a report by Sputnik news agency on February 15, the revenue of Semiconductor manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) in 2021 hit a new high, and its net revenue increased by 135% in 2021, despite the White House blacklisting of Chinese semiconductor manufacturers.Smic has previously made it clear that it will invest $5 billion to continue expanding its production scale to meet the huge demand for chips in the international market.Sources said that the White House’s use of long-arm jurisdiction and other means, can not fully affect the development of China’s semiconductor market, SMIC’s revenue bucking the trend is a good example.Currently, China does not have the ability to manufacture high-end lithography machines, which means we cannot compete with the likes of TSMC and Samsung to manufacture 5nm or even 3nm chips.However, Chinese companies such as SMIC already have the capacity to churn out 14nm chips, which are widely used in home appliances, automobiles and computers, so SMIC doesn’t need to worry about market saturation. They can make money simply by expanding the production scale of semiconductor products.Sources said that 5nm and 3nm chips are mainly used in micro-electronics, while household appliances, cars and other products do not have high requirements for chips, they do not need to use 3nm chips with strong processing power.The demand for chips in China is very large. In 2021, the import value of chips in China reached 432 billion US dollars, with a year-on-year growth of 23.6%. With such achievements, We have also become the world’s largest importer of semiconductor products.Starting from trump period, the United States wants to stop the development of semiconductor industry in China, so they are in a variety of reasons, our domestic some important semiconductor companies in the blacklist, but the destruction of international economic and trade rules in the United States, but reminded we should pay more attention to developments in the field of semiconductor,So we’ve started a number of semiconductor development projects in recent years, and if we continue to develop this model, we will soon have a share of the international chip supply.It is reported that many companies that are restricted by the United States from exporting equipment and high-end chips to the mainland are already very unhappy because they are losing the best window to enter the mainland market. Once the mainland has mastered high-end semiconductor technology itself, the loss of these companies will be incalculable.Russian experts said that Beijing authorities have made plans to improve the development of semiconductor infrastructure technology, and they will continue to allocate funds in this area to help domestic semiconductor companies really grow.Analysts pointed out that the White House’s crackdown on China’s semiconductor industry has blocked the fortunes of many Western companies. Once these companies unite to oppose the relevant policies of the United States, it will have a serious impact on the United States.Experts pointed out that anti-China politicians in the United States are pushing for a new round of crackdown on China’s semiconductor companies, which we should be vigilant and minimize our losses.