Who’s latest assessment: The severity of the Novel Coronavirus disease is likely to decrease gradually

2022-05-24 0 By

Local time on March 30, who hold COVID – 19 routine conference, the director-general of tam kung said, current research shows that the most likely scenario is will be coronavirus will continue to evolve, but with the human body immunity by vaccination or infection, will be coronavirus leads to the severity of the disease will decrease over time.But there could be periodic spikes in cases and deaths if people’s immunity weakens, in which case vulnerable populations need regular booster shots.Tedros noted that the best-case scenario would be a less severe variant that would not require booster shots or changes in vaccine composition.In the worst-case scenario, a more pathogenic and highly contagious variant emerges, in which case the protection provided by previous vaccination or infection quickly diminishes.Source: Dazhong Daily Editor: Li Siyu