Why is Reading Mango so good?Is it low fuel consumption?Or is it internal?

2022-05-24 0 By

Everybody is good!I am the owner of Redding Mango, from Qingdao. The model I proposed is “2022 Model 200 Standard Edition “, the purchase price is 40,000 yuan, the driving distance is 2140 kilometers, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 0.0L. The following is to share my real car feeling!A, I choose car for electric cars is very hot in the market, at present I live resettlement village, not many know friends with micro electric car to walking, low energy consumption, and the car travel is not restricted, and use it to walking really better than fuel car a lot, for I didn’t the ability to open source, perfect, so I also want to buy a to walking.Choose a brand of mini electric cars is also embarrassed me for a long time, although the mini electric cars on the market more and more, but to find a suitable for yourself, and I also like is not an easy thing, I am make a lot of time online, also contrast is too many models, ruled out the two-seater, again ruled out the high price of car,Finally, I chose this mango, which has good looks, reasonable price and plenty of space.Two, the appearance and interior of the feeling of mellow and lovely is very square, the color is also my favorite, the front face concave and convex design makes the front face looks very three-dimensional, and also makes the vehicle full of vitality and vitality, driving it seems to let my life also injected vitality and vitality.I like the seat and the center control screen very much, but I like listening to music. Mango has only one speaker, so it lacks texture and stereo sense when playing music, which cannot achieve the listening effect I want.Three, ride comfort feeling car space layout is very reasonable, 4 seats, each seat space is very wide, sit on the comfort level is also very high, the body length of 3 meters 62, whether it is the front seat or rear seat legs reserved activity space is very sufficient, not let us feel oppressed.It’s easy for the family of four to get around, and it has a roomy trunk, which is handy if you need to haul a load.The seats are wide and soft, and the car is quiet, without the annoying engine sound of a petrol car. I love the quiet feeling of this car.The top speed of this car can reach 100 yards. As long as it is within this speed range, no matter how fast it runs, it will not have any difficulty and the body will not float. It gives me the feeling that the body is very stable and the speed increases quickly, which is easier to drive than the fuel oil car when I studied driving license before.The steering wheel is very light, the feeling of hand is very comfortable, turning radius is not large, the body is very flexible, but also very easy to control, and the reversing image quality of the central control screen is very clear, reversing can be more clear and accurate to see the situation behind.Fuel consumption, in fact at first I was skeptical in the electric, afraid of not having enough range, and see the neighborhood with electric cars, more and more people of also slowly gave me this concern, after bought this mango completely change my idea, I didn’t think electric cars also have such a strong momentum, and official have been almost, overhead costs are especially low,The cost of car every month is 3 days of living expenses, really can be ignored, hee hee hee hee.1. The biggest advantages.I really like this one bring a quiet ride space, pure electric vehicles without that kind of intrusive skirr fuel car, started the engine in sound is also very mild, run in the city, the speed control in 60 yards there will be no wind noise, and the influence of tire noise, sitting in the car is very enjoy, even when the speed reaches 60 yards, introduced to the car’s voice is very small,It doesn’t bother me.2. The disadvantages of this car.The car color match is in place, the seat workmanship is also very delicate, although only tens of thousands of dollars but still configured with a 9-inch central control screen, which I like very much.However, I prefer to listen to music. This car has only one horn, so the sound quality of music playing is not high enough to meet my listening needs.3. Is it worth buying?The car exceeded my expectations in terms of cost, space and appearance, and the price was affordable. I thought it was a good value for money.