Why is my house still dilapidated when all my neighbors live in new houses?The residents here in Changsha are worried!

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When jixiang Lane, a shantytown in Changsha’s Kaifu district, was renovated last year, residents of Building 4, Xianfeng Hall, found that nothing had changed in their building after their neighbors had all been renovated and moved back to their old homes.Seeing the construction units have all withdrawn from the site, the residents of no. 4 Xianfeng Hall are worried.The whole area completed the shanty reform alone left pioneer Hall 4 building reporters at the scene, in addition to the Pioneer Hall 4 building, the surrounding buildings have all completed the renovation.After finishing waterproofing, all the external walls were painted, drainage, strong and weak electricity, and roof were all refurbished.Part of the building has also been antique transformation.However, the pioneer Hall 4 building, or before the dilapidated appearance.Xianfeng Hall Building 4, located in Xuanyuan Dian Community, Changsha, uses bamboo prefabricated slab structure instead of steel bars.The building has five floors and is home to 60 families.Half of them have shared kitchens and bathrooms.Reporters found that in addition to the residents of the home there are a lot of damage, many lines are exposed in public areas, the fence is crumbling.Residents say they are prepared to take matters into their own hands if they are sure their building will not be converted.Why is it that the whole area has been renovated, but the No. 4 Building of Pioneer Hall is still there?Reporters from Changsha Kaifu Xuanyuan Temple community learned that the transformation of the current round of the original arrangement of building 4, but because some residents are not willing to sign the transformation agreement, resulting in the whole residential building can not be started.Part of the residents asked to build toilets, and the inspection found that the safety could not meet the original, because half of the residents had to share toilets, which brought great trouble to everyone’s life.In this renovation, residents proposed to add a first-line toilet from the first floor to the fifth floor in the north.However, because the building age is too old and the foundation is not qualified and other reasons, after professional testing to determine that can not be added.Forced construction could lead to the collapse of entire residential buildings.Some residents have not signed and cannot construct. They have applied for inclusion in the next round of reconstruction. Because some residents do not recognize this result, they have not signed the reconstruction agreement.As a result, construction cannot be carried out.In view of the requirements of the residents, the community has applied to the Bureau of Human Settlements and Environment of Changsha Kaifu District, striving to join the project in the new round of transformation.The community also reminded that many old buildings because of their own problems, unable to carry out large-scale reconstruction, but also hope residents can understand more.Changsha is currently carrying out large-scale renovation work to improve the quality of old communities, which will improve the comfort of living to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring safety.Editorial review | | sweet ice water each starting today