Fund noon review: insurance plate violence up, the exulting market continues, to transfer cangang base?

2022-05-25 0 By

Another day passed and the market did not seem to change…On the plate, the performance is still bright, coal, insurance, building materials, oil and gas, real estate, banking and other low valuation plate, the traditional track plate or depressed performance!The morning turnover of the two markets totaled 607.3 billion yuan, 3.38 percent higher than the same period yesterday.Northbound capital inflows totaled 1.179 billion yuan in the morning.The two city stocks rose or fell ratio of 973:3568, the market sentiment is very weak.Current market style is more apparent, big capital sells high buy low, valuation is lower more popular!Liquor plate after yesterday’s brief adjustment, today continues to rise.Intraday for a time through the 20 – day average oppression, but the back down again.Continue to observe the closing can stand on the 20 daily average, which is to distinguish the strength of the mid-term market watershed!Medical funds not out of the accident fell again, the bottomless hole of the title of real hammer!It was not collectible’s fault, it was not Grenn’s, it was his own stupid belief in the prodigal son’s return!Hong Kong index is affected by the fall in concept stocks, currently under pressure down, observe whether the afternoon can pick up!The big financial sectors all rose, with insurance the best performer, followed by banks and brokerages.The harder they yelled, the more steady they’re going up.Insurance plate fell for three years, but also finally to usher in their own overturn time.Photovoltaic and new energy vehicle plate slightly differentiated, new energy vehicles low open high, the current shock small drop;The pv sector continued to plummet.I feel that it is not right to take or sell. Do you have any good suggestions?Semiconductor plate and military plate still maintain a shock down trend, both did not recover the year line support, so belong to the weak shock period.In this case, do not rush to get the goods, or to stop the fall after filling positions, or simply switch to the low valuation plate to avoid risk, such as this rebound and then switch over!Infrastructure plate around the current flat line shock, what to worry about, the trend is stable, the position is not heavy to continue to take, the weight of the position as appropriate to reduce the warehouse on the line!The resource cycle plate has been differentiated, coal and nonferrous metals are still rising well, rare earth down, chemical and steel up a little.Vietnam market is -0.38%, not much volatility, don’t be afraid!OK, above is this morning A share market general trend situation!About 14:20 PM share personal fund operation and position profit and loss, point a concern, you can check when the time comes!In my holdings, only brokers and infrastructure are in the low valuation sector, most of the rest are track funds, so there is a lot of pressure.I will spend some time on the weekend to find a relatively stable undervalued plate, and next week I will find a chance to switch one or two past, and then switch back after the track plate stabilizes and rebounds!Personal operation, for reference only!I really don’t want to be hanged by a tree!