Mature men look down on women

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For the future spouse, if possible, all women would probably want to find a mature man.Mature man, when he is mature enough, he really will be more responsible, to be responsible for their own, to make money, to know how to love a woman, carefully manage a family.With him, women really don’t have to work too hard, he just makes it all right.You can imagine how lucky it was to meet a man like that.However, when a man is so mature, for feelings, he will not be too casual, but will have their own requirements.The more mature man himself, he will know more about what he wants, but also know what kind of woman is more suitable for him.In his eyes, some of the woman’s behavior will be more points, some of the behavior will be very cheap.He looked down on behaviors that women must know how to avoid.Know not long, on all kinds of request.Have to admit, there are really some women in life, very like to want this to want that with men.They think that if they want to be with them, they should pay a lot first. They think that since they are willing to be in love with them, they should invest a lot in themselves, more than anyone else.With this in mind, even if you just met a man, you will directly reach out to him.They suggest they send money to them, suggest they buy gifts for them, and send links directly to them asking them to buy them.In a relationship, there is nothing wrong with a man spending money on a woman, and it is quite appropriate, but to be too snobbish and not pay attention to how you eat will not look so good.There is a more mature man, he will be willing to pay for the woman, but it must be really enough to understand each other, they do identify, will go to pay a lot, will be most willing to pay.Until then, he may have some input, but it will be measured.If he is willing to pay, he will feel that it should be, no matter how much to pay, will not feel what, but if the other party a pair of money to look, he really will be very disgusted, instantly no good feelings.He will feel that the other party is particularly tacky, there is no heart, only the money.It’s so unreasonable. It’s so unreasonable.In a relationship, the woman is too sensible and does not bother the man with anything, which is not good, of course, it will appear to be very strange, also will appear to be very aloof, which is not conducive to each other’s feelings.But if love too vexatious, not sensible, it will also be a headache.For mature men, he will be more tolerant, can tolerate a certain degree of women’s sajiao, a certain degree of work, will feel that is very interesting, conducive to enhance the relationship between each other.However, if he works too hard, he will not be reasonable in any matter and will not listen to his opinions. If he just insists on following his own will, he will feel very tired and will not want to continue.When a man can be so mature, for everything, he must have their own cognition, and their own insistence.What he longs for is intimacy, not coaxing all the time, but the hope that the other party will be able to communicate with him on an equal footing.It is better to be able to understand each other very well, understand each other’s mind very well, too many things do not have to say, but also can reach consensus, in terms of thinking special fit, but also in the same level.Mature men, his own thoughts are more deep, he will want a relationship to be more nourishing, more comfortable with each other, more quality.Too clingy, not independent spirit.It’s natural that people who like each other will want to be together from time to time.But even if they are a whole, they are still, in the final analysis, mere individuals.Especially for mature men, he will long for a harmonious family environment, a woman who knows both cold and cold, to manage the relationship with each other, so that both can be happier, he will also want to have some independent space.He hopes that he has his own things to busy, have their own hobbies, but also hope that the woman around also have their own life.When a woman is more independent, not overly attached to herself, when things are busy with each other, sometimes share with each other, communicate with each other, he will really like this life.Have their own ideas, have their own world of women, he will be special appreciation, feel the other side is very attractive.Too dependent on their own, always want to be together, not together for a while will be all kinds of checks, no matter what things will only be in a hurry, do not know how to deal with the woman, he really will feel very bored.He doesn’t like the feeling of being bogged down, and he doesn’t want his partner to set him too low and put him first, so he really can’t respect him and just wants to get away.Love or marriage, say that is just no reason, but each other will actually figure something out.Hope each other can be a quality lover, hope to get along with can be very harmonious, hope together can be mutual achievement.If a man wants to find a woman like that, he needs to be good in all aspects of himself. If a woman wants to find a man like that, she needs to be mature in all aspects of herself and be more attractive.A woman will not be loved because of excellence, but when a woman is excellent enough, it is possible to meet a better man.Look forward to finding someone who is willing to do something for you, but don’t start by reaching out.Can be appropriate, small, but must be measured, do not divide right and wrong.In addition, must be an independent self, must have their own soul.Text/Tan Meng picture/Network